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Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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"Thank for inviting me over tonight Arte."
"No problem. Thought you would enjoy my cooking. This is one of the few meals that I know how to cook."
"I love lasagna Arte. This tastes awesome! Do you have a special ingredient or something? My lasagna never tastes this good."
"Merthyn, it's the cheese; Real California Cheese. Great cheese comes from Happy Cows and those are some Happy Cows out there. There is nothing that compares to it."
"I can taste the difference. How do you get California Cheese Arte?"
"I order it online. It ships right to my shop, thanks to kinzpost."
"I think I will have to check out Real California Cheese, cause it tastes great. It's just like the homegrown veggies taste better than the bought. Makes a big difference in those recipes."



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"Time for dessert. We have banana splits. These bananas are the ones that I won off the Wheel of Yum. You know I always get a bushel of bananas! I wish and wish for a secret recipe food, but that bushel always comes up. What about you?"
Laughing I say, "I wish and wish for bushel of bananas but all I ever get is a Wheel of Yum tshirt! Do you know how many Wheel of Yum tshirts I have? Just let me tell you. I like yellow don't get me wrong, but I would rather see yellow bananas anyday. I go through so many bananas. We all know that monkeys love bananas: Banana pie, Banana bread, Banana splits, Banana shake, Banana bars, banana cake, banana.."
"OKAY! I get it. You go through a lot of bananas. How about the next time the Wheel of Yum is available, we trade? Your Wheel of Yum shirt for my bushel of bananas?"
"Do you really think that is a fair trade Arte? I mean, you can buy bananas the Wshop, but you can't buy a Wheel of Yum tshirt there."
"Hmmm. Good point Merthyn. Ok how about this: Your Wheel of Yum tshirt, size XL, by the way, for a Wheel of Wow tshirt?"
"That and throw in the list too?"
"You got yourself a deal Merthyn. Your Wheel of Yum tshirt for my Wheel of Wow tshirt + list," Arte said laughing.
"That is one offer I can't refuse Arte."

Sunday, August 12th:
Chefs Hat ($56) [orig: $80] at 12midnight!
Queen Maries Periwig ($872) [orig: $793] at 12midnight!
Funky Table ($275) [orig: $250] at 12midnight!
Wooden Chair ($99) [orig: $95] at 6am!
Scoreboard Television ($892) [orig: $850] at 7am!
Pineapple Lamp ($45) at 8am!
Chefs Hat ($84) [orig: $80] at 10am!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($495) [orig: $450] at 10am!
Wooden Coffee Table ($75) at 10am!
Hockey Table ($162) [orig: $180] at 12noon!
Helmet Lamp ($99) [orig: $110] at 12noon!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($528) [orig: $480] at 2pm!
Hockey Side Table ($168) [orig: $160] at 3pm!
Lime Desk Chair ($142) [orig: $150] at 5pm!
Funky Neon Fro ($362) at 6pm!
Queen Maries Periwig ($674) [orig: $793] at 6pm!
Loader Lounger ($997) [orig: $950] at 6pm!
Wooden Coffee Table ($82) [orig: $75] at 6pm!
Country Bed ($332) [orig: $350] at 6pm!
Rockin Pompadour ($938) [orig: $816] at 6pm!
Medieval Wallpaper ($650) [orig: $685] at 7pm!
Medieval Window ($690) [orig: $600] at 8pm!
Medieval Window ($570) [orig: $600] at 9pm!
Hockey Table ($198) [orig: $180] at 11pm!

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