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Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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Webkinz Rare = Aug 11 12pm KT = Crown's Lineage Coat of Arms $1820

"Arte how long have I been coming to see you?"
"I don't remember Merthyn. It has been awhile though, why?"
"Everyday I go in those mines and look for gems and I have yet to get a crown of wonder. I mean there are people with multiple crowns and I can't even get one!"
"It's okay Merthyn."
"Arte is there some sort of trick that I don't know about?"
Laughing Arte replies, "No, there are no tricks. I buried those gems myself in there."
"Why are there many slags then? I have lost track of the number of slags that I have mined. I either get slags or that Booger Nugget. Speaking of that; why is it that sometimes you offer me $30 for it and other times $12?"
"It's all about supply and demand Merthyn. When my supply is low, I will offer you a higher price. Some days it seems like eveyone brings in that same gem. On those days where my supply is high, I offer a low price."
"I understand now. I just want that crown though. It looks so nice."
"Excuse me a minute Merthyn, I have a customer."
"Absolutely Arte. Go right ahead."



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"How can I help you sbnuthatch?"
"I finally found that Ember Amber today and I would like to trade in my gems for the Crown of Wonder. Please."
"Those are some great stones. It will make a beautiful crown. Just give me a few minutes to make it for you."

"Here you go sbnuthatch, your Crown of Wonder."
"Thank you Arte, this is the best day ever!"

"Well Merthyn, did you see that?"
"How could I miss that Arte? Sbnuthatch was jumping up and down with excitement. I will be too whenever that day comes."
"Merthyn, your time will come, don't worry. Tell you what. Here is your list and here's a gem guide on where you can find certain gems. It won't tell you the exact location, but it will give you a start."
"Thanks Arte. I will go home and study it."

Here is the list and a link to the gem guide. Congrats sbnuthatch on your Crown of Wonder. I was there when it happened.
Saturday, August 11th:
Hockey Bed ($747) [orig: $650] at 2am!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($210) [orig: $200] at 2am!
Queen Maries Periwig ($793) at 4am!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($528) [orig: $480] at 4am!
Hockey Side Table ($176) [orig: $160] at 9am!
Below Decks Wallpaper ($200) at 10am!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($190) [orig: $200] at 11am!
Hockey Couch ($675) [orig: $750] at 11am!
RARE: Crowns Lineage Coat of Arms ($1820) at 12noon!
Pineapple Lamp ($47) [orig: $45] at 12noon!
Gladiator Helmet ($1320) [orig: $1200] at 12noon!
Medieval Side Table ($825) at 1pm!
Wooden Chair ($90) [orig: $95] at 4pm!
Captains Quarters Flooring ($370) [orig: $390] at 6pm!
Funky Neon Fro ($325) [orig: $362] at 7pm!
Hockey Wallpaper ($95) [orig: $100] at 8pm!
Medieval Side Table ($701) [orig: $825] at 8pm!
Funky Chair ($220) [orig: $210] at 8pm!
Captains Quarters Flooring ($390) at 9pm!

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