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News: Congratulations to Winnie's Story Contest Winner - "Bakery Bunny"

Congratulations to carolinejv, winner of Winnie's weekly 'Once upon a time...' story contest for the Kid Division! As promised, we are featuring her story here on the front page of WI. There were many wonderful entries which can all be viewed on the contest board of the forum area. So without further is "Bakery Bunny" by carolinejv!

Bakery Bunny
The morning sun was shining brightly through the windows of Winnie’s bedroom. Winnie slowly opened her sleepy eyes. She stretched her arms and legs, and wiggled her long floppy ears. All at once, she hopped on top of her covers and exclaimed, “Good morning, Sunshine! Isn’t it a beautiful day?”

Today was Saturday and Winnie LOVED Saturday! It was her ‘Whatever Winnie Wants’ day and yesterday, Winnie had decided that this Saturday, she wanted to bake treats to take to all of her friends in Webkinz World.



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Winnie hurried and got herself dressed and headed to the kitchen. She had big plans for her blender and sandwich maker today! First things first, Winnie decided she needed to check her supply of ingredients. She checked the fridge and it was kind of bare. Then she crossed her fingers as she opened all of the kitchen cabinets – they were emptier than the refrigerator. “Hmmm…” Winnie thought. “What to do…what to do…?”

Winnie couldn't cook without food, so she took a stroll to the W Shop. It was closed. "What?!" Winnie was shocked. On the door to the W Shop was a sign that said, "CLOSED. WE ARE REPAIRING THE AIR CONDITIONING.” Well that just figured. Winne, being optimistic, decided that she could still bake. Being the clever bunny that she was, she hopped on over to the Kinzville Bakery. It smelled of many yummy things. Winnie went inside and asked for the owner. "May I work in here for a while and bake for my friends?" she asked Cake, the bakery owner. "I'm sorry, Winnie, but we can't let you use the ovens for free. You see, we weren't able to get to the W Shop, so we weren't able to buy the ingredients. People still want food from us now, so we have to make it. We can't really spare an extra oven because my sister is sick and we need Kinzcash. If you can give us 100 Kinzcash, we'll let you use an oven.

ONE HUNDRED KINZCASH?! Winnie really wanted to make her friends happy, so she hopped over to Quizzy's. After a looong while of questions, Winnie finally had enough money! She ran to the bakery and presented the money to Cake. A delighted rabbit was finally able to bake for her friends!

Winnie worked for hours on the stove creating amazing foods that no one else had thought of before. The next day, Winnie invited all of her friends to the Kinzville Bakery to taste her treats. They were the best things that anyone had ever tasted. Cake was surpised at how well Winnie handled the whole matter, and hired her to be the lead chef at the bakery. Winnie couldn't have been happier!

Stay tuned....we'll post the winner of our Adult Division shortly!

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