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"Wingardium, Leviosa, Wingardium Leviosa!" I'm standing in the vacant lot next to the Curio Shop, waving my new Unicorn Hair wand at a large boulder.

"I don't think you're waving it right. Isn't it swish and flick?" I look back over my shoulder at Fia who is sitting on a picnic table, munching on Grilled Carrot & Asparagus Sandwich. "Why does Arte want you to move this thing anyway?"

"He says he's going to be using this area for extra storage and he wants me to make sure it's clear." I sigh, "What are you doing over there? I thought you said you were going to help me get this wand to work!"

"Woah, I never said I was going to get the wand to work. I just promised that i would help you get it put together. Actually getting it to do something is your problem." I hear hoofbeats on the grass as Fia's Unicorn Fluffy trots by with Nanners on her back.



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I turn back to the boulder, "Wingardium, Leviosa," Fia starts to laugh. "What are you laughing at me for? I ask. "Do you really think you could do any better?"

"I know I can do better." She smiles at me. "You need the boulder moved from here to over there on the other side of that tree?" She points.

"Yep, that's what Arte wants. You take a shot." I reach out to hand her my wand.

"Oh, no thank you. I won't need that." She hops down off of the picnic table. "I'll be back in just a second." She disappears around the corner of the building.

I look back at Fluffy and Nanners playing in the field. "Who'd have thought a monkey and a unicorn could get along so well?" I think. "Oh well, it's no stranger than any of the other animal friend combinations I have seen since discovering Webkinz World."

Just then Fia comes back around the corner with a huge smile on her face. She is being followed by another girl walking next to an elephant. "Hey Merthyn, I'd like you to meet Kookla and her elephant Peanut. They're going to help us move that boulder."

"An elephant! But, I thought you were going to do it with my wand!"

"Oh, I never said anything about the wand." She smirks. "I just said I could do the job better than you." She turns back to her friend. "Kookla, do you mind?"

"Not at all, Fia." She gestures toward the elephant. "Peanut, c'mon, let's help move this rock." The elephant presses his large body against the boulder and rolls it over to the other side of the tree, exactly where Arte wanted it.

"Thanks Kookla. I really owe you. And you too Peanut." She pats the elephant on his trunk.

"Not a problem, just remember to keep those sale lists coming." Kookla and Peanut walk back to the street and disappear around the corner of the building.

I look back at Fia and she is laughing. "You should have seen the look on your face when I came back with that elephant. It was priceless." I can feel my cheeks turning red. "C'mon Fluffy, it's time to go home!" She calls out the unicorn. "See ya later Merthyn. Good luck with the wand." She continues laughing as she heads back to the street.

Well, I guess the wand experiment didn't go exactly as I had planned, but at least Arte is happy with me because the lot is clear. Here's the list for tomorrow. I just wish I knew what he was planning to store in that lot.

Saturday, August 4th:
Helmet Lamp ($93) [orig: $110] at 2am!
Chef's Hat ($76) [orig: $80] at 4am!
Wooden Coffee Table ($75) at 4am!
Hockey Table ($153) [orig: $180] at 10am!
Thinking Chair ($1192) [orig: $1325] at 11am!
RARE: Super-Secure Trapdoor Toybox ($1950) at 12noon!
Hockey Bed ($747) [orig: $650] at 2pm!
Hockey Locker ($165) [orig: $150] at 2pm!
1st time being offered: Queen Marie's Periwig ($732) at 3pm!
Medieval Wallpaper ($719) [orig: $685] at 4pm!
Pineapple Lamp ($27) [orig: $45] at 7pm!
Cat Street Post ($88) [orig: $80] at 7pm!
Medieval Side Table ($742) [orig: $825] at 8pm!

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