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I can't believe Arte is giving me another chance. I hope this time is much better than the last. It has to be. Dogbeard and Chef will be there. I hop in my golf cart and head to the Golf course.

"Benevuto Merthyn! Benevuto! "
"Morning Chef! Is everyone already here?"
"Yes-a we are a-ready to a -go and-a atta the first-a hole. I-a was here a-waiting for a-you."
"Morning Merthyn," Arte and Dogbeard said in unison.
"Morning Arte. Morning Dogbeard. Let me throw the tee up to see who goes first. Arte, looks like you are first, then Chef, then me and sorry Dogbeard, you are last."
"I don't mind being last. Gives me a chance to see my competition."
We all just laughed.

Our golf game was going great til we hit the 14th hole. It was my turn.
"Uh-oo," I said.
"Ahhh it does-inna look-a good Merthyn."
"Yep. You got it in the raspberries. Good Luck Merthyn," Dogbeard said.



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I tried reaching it. The briars were scratching up my arms. I was determined to get my ball.
"Just-a getta a new ball and-a drop it a-here."
"NO, it's just right there.. a little further and ... ah.. OUCH! It's not funny everyone, there's a thorn in my cheek."
"Hang on. Once I stop laughing, I will get it, " said Dogbeard.
"Thanks Dogbeard. See I told you that I could reach it."

I believe in karma and a good thing too. This is what happened on the next hole.
"OH MAMA MIA! I-a sliced itta toa the right, Imma goona need some-a help to a-find it."
"Sorry Chef. I just got a water penalty," said Arte.
"We'll help you Chef," we said together.
So we went to the area looking for the ball. I was looking in the rough and Dogbeard was looking in the out of bounds area with Chef.
"Oh! I-a see a -something white, letta me grab itta."

What happened next was not a pretty sight or smell. We had inadvertenly stumbled across an area where one of the skunks in Skunk Sweeper was hiding.

"Oh no! a flower-a, I-a need a flower now-a!"
It was too late. The skunk sprayed Chef.
"EH? Whatta issa thata smell? it'sa BAD! OH! MOMMA MIA! I pulled-a onna Skunks tail-a! ewwwww, I needa some-a tomato juice'a NOW!!
"Here's a flower Chef, sorry I am late," I said.
"Pee-U! You STINK!" said Dogbeard. "I don't think that was your ball."
"I-a thought-a the site wassa down, A-don't these-a skunks know-a that?!"
"I guess they missed the memo," I said and then we all just started laughing. "We'll give you a free drop just for that."
"Did you ever find your... WHOA! Who stinks here?" asked Arte.
"Eh Arte! a-skink-a, it'd skunk sprayed-a me!"
"Sorry dear friend."

The last 3 holes were luckily uneventful. It was rough smelling Chef, but we made it. I volunteered to take Chef home since I had the golf cart, which has a great air supply.
"Ah! a-thank-a you-a Merthyn, for-a taking me-a home. I-a oew you-a for-a thissa one! Tell-a you-a what, once I-a have hadda my-a tomato juice a-bath, and-a back-a to-a smelling like-a myself, I willa share one-a of a-thos recipes with-a you-a! How's-a that-a sound eh?"
"Yes-a Merthyn, I-a willa. I-a will-a give you-a the recipe for-a that-a meal that-a I-a cooked for-a you!"
"Thank you Chef! Now go get your tomato juice bath."

Friday, August 3rd:
Wagon Wheel Table ($237) [orig: $250] at 12midnight!
Classing Gaming Room Wallpaper ($275) at 5am!
Hockey Desk Chair ($100) at 5am!
Apple Chair ($140) at 6am!
Chef's Hat ($84) [orig: $80] at 7am!
Hockey Side Table ($176) [orig: $160] at 7am!
Goalie Mask Shelf ($86) [orig: $75] at 8am!
Hockey Dining Table ($385) [orig: $350] at 8am!
Thinking Chair ($1391) [orig: $1325] at 10am!
Hockey Locker ($150) at 11am!
RARE: Jumpin' Jukebox ($4500) at 12noon!
Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($472) [orig: $450] at 12noon!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($427) [orig: $450] at 1pm!
Chef's Shirt ($76) [orig: $95] at 3pm!
Medieval Window ($660) [orig: $600] at 3pm!
Hockey Dining Table ($350) at 4pm!
Scoreboard Television ($850) at 5pm!
Pineapple Lamp ($54) [orig: $45] at 6pm!
Screwy Lamp ($787) [orig: $685] at 7pm!
Chef's Shirt ($85) [orig: $95] at 7pm!
Loader Lounger ($997) [orig: $950] at 7pm!
Hockey Locker ($157) [orig: $150] at 7pm!
Chef's Hat ($64) [orig: $80] at 8pm!
Hockey Side Table ($176) [orig: $160] at 8pm!
Hockey Table ($162) [orig: $180] at 9pm!
Hockey Chair ($144) [orig: $120] at 10pm!
Hockey Dining Table ($332) [orig: $350] at 10pm!
Loader Lounger ($1045) [orig: $950] at 11pm!
Classing Gaming Room Wallpaper ($316) [orig: $275] at 11pm!

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