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"Sorry I wasn't there for you last year Merthyn." George says.
"It's okay George. I know you were watching the Tour de France," I reply.
"Merthyn, you are a great brother. Did you like the autographed picture of Lance Armstrong and the one of me and Lance together?" he asks me.
"Yes I did George. You know I love your souvenirs that you send me."

drupal_DING drupal_DONG

"I wonder who's here? Hang on George, I'll be right back."
"Hello Merthyn" a familiar voice sings...
"Hi Chef Gazpacho. How can I help you?" I ask.



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"Oh-a Merthyn, I know-a how-a much you a-love this time of-a the year and I'a thought I'd-a bringa you some-a cookies that I'a just made. eh"
"Thank you Chef. You know I do. Would you like to come in?
"No, No-a thank you. I'a need to-a get back-a to my kitchen and work on-a some more-a secret recipes."
"You know Arte has been trying to figure out the last batch of secret recipes. He's really flustered that he hasn't figured any of them out yet. I won't tell him that you are working on some more."
"Oh! I'a almost-a forgot, here'sa his list. I'a told him that I'a was-a stopping by to drop-a off-a the cookies. He'a knows how-a much you-a wanted to spend-a the day with-a Georgie"
"Thank you Chef and tell Arte thank you too please, " I reply.
"Tell-a you brother to-a have-a safe trip and-a have-a Very Merry Christmas in July Merthyn!" he says gleefully!
"You too Chef, Bye." and I close the door.

"Hey George, look what Chef dropped off for us!" I yell.
"MMMMMmmm... Smells like chocolate chip cookies, Merthyn." George says.
"You are good George, that's exactly what it is! I will put some in a bag so that you can take some on the plane."
"That would be great Merthyn. I hope you enjoy the gifts I brought for you"
"I have George. Thank you. You are the best brother anyone can ask for." I say.
"I just wish could come with me to China," George tells me.
"I do too,I always wanted to see the Great Wall of China. We need to get going though, I don't want you to miss your flight."
"I'm ready let's go."

Just got back home and George is on his way, it was really great to see him, though I always wish he could stay longer!!!

Thursday, July 26th:

* Funky Chair ($220) [orig: $210] at 1am!
* Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($408 [orig: $480] at 3am!
* Rice Paper Divider ($331) [orig: $390] at 7am!
* Hockey Table ($153) [orig: $180] at 7am!
* Chefs Shirt ($90) [orig: $95] at 8am!
* Treasure Chest ($200) at 8am!
* Silver Sofa ($420) [orig: $400] at 10am!
* Thinking Chair ($1523) [orig: $1325] at 12noon!
* Wooden Coffee Table ($71) [orig: $75] at 12noon!
* Silver Sofa ($380) [orig: $400] at 12noon!
* Hockey Chair ($108 [orig: $120] at 12noon!
* Country Bed ($367) [orig: $350] at 1pm!
* Medieval Flooring ($855) [orig: $900] at 2pm!
* Medieval Window ($540) [orig: $600] at 2pm!
* Silver Sofa ($340) [orig: $400] at 2pm!
* Hockey Wallpaper ($105) [orig: $100] at 2pm!
* Rice Paper Divider ($390) at 2pm!
* Classing Gaming Room Wallpaper ($302) [orig: $275] at 3pm!
* Apple Chair ($133) [orig: $140] at 4pm!
* Screwy Lamp ($548 [orig: $685] at 4pm!
* RARE: Experiment Station 2 ($1150) at 8pm!
* Thinking Chair ($1258 [orig: $1325] at 8pm!
* Cat Street Post ($76) [orig: $80] at 9pm!
* Hockey Study Desk ($288 [orig: $275] at 9pm!
* Hockey Couch ($825) [orig: $750] at 11pm!

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