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NEWS FLASH: Earthquake Ignored

An earthquake measuring 4.2 on the Richter Scale struck Webkinz World yesterday at 3:00 pm and was widely ignored.

"An earthquake, really?" said Hopkins the frog. "At 3:00? Well, that would've been in the middle of my daily trampoline workout. I was bouncing around anyways, so I guess I missed it."

("Earthquake? What earthquake?")


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"An earthquake? Whoa," said Bing Bing the panda. "I remember I was playing Doom on my computer, and I got to the part where the Cyber-demon walks in; and then my chair started shaking, and I was like, 'These special effects are awesome!'"

"An earthquake?" yawned Beauford the koala. "Hmm, must've slept through it. I did dream about fish, though."

"An earthquake, huh?" growled Percival the pug. "You couldn't tell it by me. My house is always shaking, from dawn 'til dusk, ever since that brain-dead elephant neighbor of mine got herself a pogo stick." Percival added that he is petitioning Congress for a ban on elephantine pogo sticks within 100 yards of Percival.

Scientists, who were apparently the only ones to notice the quake, warned that it could portend more severe seismic activity in the future. Accordingly, Professor Goober is leading a team in constructing a network of sensors that will give advanced warning of any future earthquake. Progress thus far is described as "atomicolicious."

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