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Ok, so it’s not such a swell day in Webkinz World for me today.
First, I got Gak on the wheel of WOW, scored 0 on the new wishing well, and, on balloon dartz, all my dartz hit the backboard without bursting a single balloon.
I was really looking forward to my 112th pair of cowboy boots.
To cheer me up, Tabby agreed to let me try sorting kinz post rather than painting fences.
Uh.... that didn’t go so well.



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Naturally, Tabby was really nice about it, but, I can tell from the way she clenched her paws, that I’m not going to get a second chance any time soon.
When I left the employment office, I peeked back in through the large frame window and saw that she was resorting all my work.

Boy, did I feel low, but then I realize that I’d forgotten to go gem hunting in the mines. Woohoo!
Still a chance for a nice webkinz diamond.
Even a booger nugget would save this day....but all I found was slag. Again.
To top it off, I really don’t feel too well.
Maybe I should have sold that gak at the W-shop rather than eating it?

I stagger up the steps into the Curio Shop, push my way through the crowd of shoppers, and collapse in an out-of-the-way loader lounger.
I know Arte will yell at me for getting mine dust all over the inventory, but I’m too depressed to care.
When the store clears out, though, Arte doesn’t yell at me.
He hardly even looks at me, just says "Hey, Merthyn," and pulls out a piece of paper and a pen.
"Is that today’s list?" I ask, as he starts writing.
"Nah, I did that already. This," he says, "is a letter."
I take off a cowboy boot and shake some mine dust out.
"Arte, you don’t use a pen to write a kinz post letter, you use the mouse. Just click on the message you want to send."
He snorts. "That’s fine, if I just wanted to say one sentence, but one sentence isn’t going to cover all the news I have for Professor Stripes. I gotta tell her about Winnie being back from vacation, the wishing well change, the brown horse retiring, plus all the cool items that’ll be in the next shipment."
"Professor Stripes?" I ask, then remember. "Oh, yeah, she was your mentor. She got you started on your first adventure."
"She did." Arte’s eyes look kinda moist. "She was a great teacher. The world needs more of those; they’re more valuable than bowling alleys."
"That’s true," I say. "I remember one great teacher I had...."

Arte rolls his eyes. "Merthyn, I’m busy and you better be busy real soon...getting all that mine dust off of the loader lounge, not to mention my floor. After that, you can watch the store while I go mail this."
He points to a small broom and dustpan in the corner.
"You know," I say, as I get to work, "we ought to be able to send longer letters through Kinz Post."

"Nah," Arte says, "Some nitwit sorter would just lose ‘em."

Saturday, July 21st:

* Goalie Mask Shelf ($78) [orig: $75] at 12midnight!
* Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($528) [orig: $480] at 12midnight!
* Hockey Desk Chair ($114) [orig: $100] at 1am!
* Wooden Chair ($90) [orig: $95] at 1am!
* Scoreboard Television ($935) [orig: $850] at 2am!
* Hockey Couch ($712) [orig: $750] at 5am!
* Screwy Lamp ($650) [orig: $685] at 6am!
* Kids Cupboard Sink ($200) at 6am!
* Apple Chair ($133) [orig: $140] at 7am!
* Funky Neon Fro ($325) [orig: $362] at 9am!
* Gladiator Helmet ($1320) [orig: $1200] at 10am!
* Below Decks Wallpaper ($180) [orig: $200] at 12noon!
* Hockey Dining Table ($244) [orig: $350] at 2pm!
* Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($472) [orig: $450] at 6pm!
* Treasure Chest ($200) at 7pm!
* Chefs Shirt ($66) [orig: $95] at 8pm!
* Classing Gaming Room Wallpaper ($233) [orig: $275] at 9pm!
* Hockey Side Table ($136) [orig: $160] at 9pm!
* Hockey Coffee Table ($330) [orig: $300] at 10pm!
* Hockey Wallpaper ($60) [orig: $100] at 11pm!

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