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****YAWN**** Wow! I have never slept in this late before, I think to myself.
I roll over and glance at the clock.
It's 9am and Arte hasn't called yet this morning? I wonder if he is alright?
I pick up my Kinz Phone and call his shop......No answer.
'Hmmm.. that's not like Arte to not answer his phone, what's going on?" I wonder.
I jump into the shower and quickly put on some clothes, grab a couple of bananas for breakfast and head outside.
I climb into the Roadster Go Kart that Plumpy left while she is on vacation and make it to Arte's place in record time.

As I open the front door, it sloshes water through the store.
The floor is really, really wet.
"Was there a flood?" I think, "Maybe that's why he didn't call or answer his phone?"
I open the door wider and see Tabby behind the counter.
I carefully walk to counter where she greets me.

"Hi, nice to meet you! Oh, good morning Merthyn, how can I help you?"
"Have you seen Arte this morning? Is he ok? I'm worried!"
Tabby starts laughing as she says, "Yes, he's fine. He just came in."
"Ohhhh Arteeeeee, Merthyn is here for you!!" she yells in her high-pitched voice.
Tabby grabs some rags from under the counter and starts drying the floor.
Just then, Arte comes out wearing a green hat and green mittens.
"Oh Hi Merthyn, how are you doing this morning?" he asks me, in a surprisingly chipper mood!
"Are you ok?" I ask worriedly.
"Yeah I'm fine. Why?" he asks, taking off the gloves.
"Welllll" I say, walking toward him, "I didn't hear from you and then I tried to ca-AAAHHH WOOOOOOAH!!!"
Next thing I know, I'm laying on my back in a red sled!!
That floor sure was slippery!!

Arte can barely control his laughter as he says, "You alright?"
"I think I'm fine. I was worried about you. You didn't answer your phone this morning. And... What's with the sled and all the water??"
"OH, I went and played Polar Plunge, sorry! Ever since the other day when it had a 40% bonus, I really like that game, I can't get enough of it! I wanted to play Bonanza, but could you imagine this big dog swinging from vines?"
I begin to laugh just thinking about it, but I try and stop myself before Arte notices.
"What's so funny, Merthyn?" he asks.
"Oh nothing, just umm... Thinking about how I slipped on the sled."
I try to change the subject. "Did you have fun?"
"Oh yes. That is one fun game, Merthyn. You should play it instead of playing with that phone for your eye. I still haven't figured out why anyone would want an eye phone. Your eyes don't talk. Anyways, here's your list and I suggest that you go play some of those games!"

Thursday, July 19th:

    * Medieval Side Table ($907) [orig: $825] at 12midnight!
    * Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($315) [orig: $450] at 12midnight!
    * Hockey Table ($189) [orig: $180] at 1am!
    * Hockey Study Desk ($288) [orig: $275] at 4am!
    * Wagon Wheel Table ($225) [orig: $250] at 4am!
    * Hockey Study Desk ($261) [orig: $275] at 7am!
    * Wooden Chair ($95) at 8am!
    * Classing Gaming Room Wallpaper ($275) at 9am!
    * Treasure Chest ($200) at 9am!
    * Screwy Lamp ($685) at 11am!
    * Toy Purse ($45) at 1pm!
    * Scoreboard Television ($892) [orig: $850] at 1pm!
    * Cat Street Post ($84) [orig: $80] at 2pm!
    * Hockey Coffee Table ($270) [orig: $300] at 3pm!
    * Scoreboard Television ($935) [orig: $850] at 3pm!
    * Medieval Wallpaper ($685) at 4pm!
    * Loader Lounger ($807) [orig: $950] at 4pm!
    * Helmet Lamp ($126) [orig: $110] at 4pm!
    * Hockey Dining Table ($350) at 5pm!
    * Hockey Locker ($157) [orig: $150] at 5pm!
    * Hockey Couch ($750) at 6pm!
    * Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($552) [orig: $480] at 6pm!
    * Medieval Window ($510) [orig: $600] at 9pm!
    * Kids Cupboard Sink ($200) at 10pm!

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