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BREAKING NEWS: Booger Gets an "A" Glitch

As many of you have noticed, there seems to be a glitch in the Booger Gets an "A" Webkinz Arcade game.  Our resident gaming expert commodore took a look at the game and this is what she found:

I haven't played BGAA for months, so I decided to play a few games this evening and I have discovered there is a glitch.

The report cards are filling faster than we are earning them. This happened twice out of a few games. I finished one game and exited out at Level 8 or 9 (got my 6 tick marks + 2 or 3 extra tick marks). Then started a new game by clicking REPLAY and as you can see from the pictures at Level 4 the 6 tick marks have been achieved! And then on another game, I got all 6 tick marks at Level 5!

There is some debate as to whether or not this is affecting the odds of winning a trophy in the game.  Trophies are awarded randomly to players who get checks in all six boxes during the game.  The more times you fill in your report card, the more chances you have at getting a trophy.  There are some indications that the check marks that have not been "earned" may not count toward the total of six. 

Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will get this glitch sorted out soon.

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