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Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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Webkinz Rare = Wed, Jul 18 6pm = Kings Guard Suit of Armor $1875

"Ahhh. I just love these relaxing mornings. Just me, my Webkinz Insider, and a hot cup of coffee."
I don't have to be at Arte's for a few hours, so it's the perfect time to catch up on all of the Webkinz World latest news.

I check out the front page. "Hmmm, I see there are some new accessories coming out. Wow, and a ton of new Webkinz. Ah ha! There's the Reindeer Arte was talking about a few weeks ago. And another 'Newz' report by PandasRpeople2. That guy really makes me laugh!"

I turn to the inside pages."Let's see. New Wizard Theme, already knew about that. New job at the Employment Office, gotta try that out one of these days. Well, now, what's this? Cool, looks like someone at Webkinz Insider was one of the winners of the riddle contest. That's really neat!"




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I scan the article, "'Who were the two characters, where were they, what were they doing, and what did they have?' Hmmm. Well, I had no idea what it was before, let's see what the correct answer is." I scan down a little bit further and then...

"I can't believe that's the answer!" I shout. "I can't believe Arte didn't tell me about this!" I jump out of my chair, knocking over my cup of coffee, and race to the front door.

Fifteen minutes later I'm standing in the front room of the Curio Shop glaring at Arte. "Merthyn my boy. How are you doing today?" He greets me.

"Arte, why didn't you tell me the answer to the riddle? You know I could have really used that $1000. This new Wizard theme has emptied my bank account."

"Merthyn, what are you talking about?" Arte asks.

"The Riddle Contest. The one I was trying to figure out the other day. You knew I really wanted the answer. Why didn't you tell me that it happened here in the Curio Shop."

Arte stares at me for a moment with a confused look on his face. "Are you talking about last week when Chef Gazpacho and Quizzy were here together?"

"Yes!" I cross my arms.

"I seem to remember them heading into the mine and finding a Pearl Egg. It was a little unusual for them to both come into the shop together, but I didn't think anything of it at the time, and I certainly don't remember them mentioning anything about a riddle."

"So, you had nothing to do with ths?" I ask hopefully.

"Merthyn, do you really think I had the time to mess around with something like this? I have real work to do and I can't be running around playing games and holding contests. Besides, if I knew what was going on I would have entered myself."

"Okay. Thank you Arte. I'm sorry that I accused you. I was just really frustrated. I never win at any of these contests. I'm not even any good at Bingoz!"

Arte laughs. "It's okay. I'll tell you how you can make it up to me."

"Sure, anything."

"Since you're already here, do you mind going ahead and getting to work. We've got a lot of merchandise to move today." He points toward a large group of Domo Roboto Dressers.

I smile back at Arte. "Of course Arte, no problem."

So, Nessie, congratulations to you and your daughter for being one of the winners in the contest.
Have fun spending your prize.
Arte wanted me to tell you that if you need any help shopping he has several ideas on how you can spend your money.
I think he was talking about today's list.

Here it is, Wednesday, July 18th:

* Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($432) [orig: $480] at 12midnight!
* Orange Table ($147) [orig: $140] at 12midnight!
* Medieval Flooring ($990) [orig: $900] at 1am!
* Goalie Mask Shelf ($67) [orig: $75] at 1am!
* Hockey Study Desk ($302) [orig: $275] at 2am!
* Hockey Wallpaper ($105) [orig: $100] at 3am!
* Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($450) at 5am!
* Funky Neon Fro ($325) [orig: $362] at 5am!
* Medieval Window ($630) [orig: $600] at 5am!
* Medieval Side Table ($783) [orig: $825] at 5am!
* Scoreboard Television ($935) [orig: $850] at 9am!
* Scientific Trophy Pedestal ($405) [orig: $450] at 9am!
* Apple Chair ($140) at 9am!
* Rockin Pompadour ($897) [orig: $816] at 10am!
* Rockin Pompadour ($856) [orig: $816] at 12noon!
* Classing Gaming Room Wallpaper ($275) at 1pm!
* Cat Street Post ($84) [orig: $80] at 2pm!
* Medieval Flooring ($990) [orig: $900] at 3pm!
* Scoreboard Television ($850) at 4pm!
* Loader Lounger ($902) [orig: $950] at 5pm!
* RARE: Kings Guard Suit of Armor ($1875) at 6pm!
* Chefs Shirt ($90) [orig: $95] at 9pm!
* Hockey Table ($189) [orig: $180] at 9pm!
* Hockey Bed ($650) at 11pm!

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