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BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Powder Puff Carrier Codes Not Yet Programmed - NOW AVAILABLE

UPDATE: Yesterday, we reported that WI member mootoyou's code for the Powder Puff Carrier was not quite working and that she was going to contact Ganz.   mootoyou's code is now working.  The Powder Puff Carrier code unlocks the Easter Egg Wardrobe.  It is a specific code; you do not get options to chose from.  The wardrobe holds 15 items.  Below is a picture of the carrier as well as pictures of the actual wardrobe provided by mootoyou.

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member mootooyou for letting us know that the feature item codes for the new Powder Puff Carriers have not yet been programmed in Webkinz World.  She attempted to enter her code in the Code Shop earlier today and recieved an error message.  As you may remember, the Powder Puff Carrier is a Seasonal item for Easter 2009.  There is some speculation that the code prize for this carrier is a Easter-themed wardrobe, much like the code prize for the Holiday carrier was a Christmas-themed wardrobe.  mootooyou is going to contact Ganz to find out when she will be able to enter the code and claim her prize.

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