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BREAKING NEWS: Ganz Makes Changes to Canary PSI

We have another bit of news to report to you regarding yesterday's system update.  The Pet Specific Item for the Lil Kinz Canary has been changed.  As you can see in the pictures below, the old version of the Songbird Stereo (left) looks like an iPod and the new version of the Stereo (right) looks like a CD player.  (The "new" image appears fuzzy only because this screen shot was taken "in game".)

The animation and the music for the PSI have been changed too.  Webkinz Insider member RedBear has this to say about the change, "Instead of sounding like soothing Zen music, it sounds like carnival music.  Instead of a relaxing stream of blue notes coming out of the stereo, notes pop out single file in a whimsical manner."  WI member derring do describes the old music as "lovely, light-hearted calypso-type music with the birds in the background" and the new music as "a rather atonal orchestral piece".

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