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BREAKING NEWS: New Recipez Discovered in Webkinz World

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member Bear10176 for calling our attention to four new Recipez:  Fixichini, Pearlipat, Abracaldo Dabra, and Twistifish Fondue.  He discovered these Recipez while he was looking at the "Food Wish List" feature on MyPage.  Unfortunately, we can't bring you pictures of the new foods because it appears the graphics have not yet been uploaded into the Webkinz World system.  We don't yet know if these Recipez have been programmed so that they can be solved, but our resident team of Recipez Experts is already hard at work trying to figure them out.  If you'd like to join them, please visit the "Recipez" section of our forum, located here:

UPDATE:  The graphic for Twistifish Fondue has been added to Webkinz World.  Please see the story above.

As you may remember, there are still three other unsolved recipez in Webkinz World that our members have been working on:  Yummytummy Tumbler, Poppaballoo, and Demitasse Lassi.  Yummytummy Tumbler, or "YTT",  has proven to be the trickiest recipe so far.  It was introduced to Webkinz World back on August 5th of 2007, and after a year and a half of carefully coordinated testing, it is still unsolved.  The only clue Ganz has given for this recipe was in an advice column posted by Plumpy back in August 2007.  In that article she indicated that of the five August 2007 recipez, two were for the Blender and three were for the Stove.  Through the process of elimination we know the "YTT" is a Blender recipe, but some of our members are starting to wonder if it can be solved at all.  If you are interested in participating in this project, please visit the "YTT" thread here:

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