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wizt09-06-2009 05:14 AM

I hate when this happens
When i play zingoz pop almost everytime at the end of the level i get the power up but its useless because the sparkling ball was the last one on the field or what ever you want to call it:wallbash: I think ganz could at least carry it over to the next round:idjut2:

and another thing, has anyone noticed when you loose a round and when it starts over they give you the perfect order of ball things to win the game in 5 seconds:o it is so unfair they make you loose a round so you can win a round:stoopid2:

PLEASE tell me other people agree with me

Star Child09-06-2009 01:45 PM

Re: I hate when this happens
:2funny: Oh, yes, I've noticed these things too! It really does drive me crazy! :idjut2: But, I love this game! :smitten:And....just what is the purpose of the little sparkly things? :o LOL!

Star Child

topcat09-07-2009 11:09 PM

Re: I hate when this happens
I hate that too! I love the game but I wish that they would mix the order or shuffle it to give variety. Maybe change it up! :mouse::mouse::mouse::mouse::mouse::mouse::mouse::mouse: :thumbup:^-^

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