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ChloePup02-13-2009 09:45 AM

Webkinz need a fun place to hang out
:w: Have you ever gone to see a really good movie? Perhaps with some friends. Not with you brother and sister. The Webkinz World needs a place called "The Mall." In the mall, there would be shopes, a movie theater, and restraunts. It would be a great place to hang out and have fun.

Shopping. What funky Webkinz doesn't like shopping? Well, my Webkinz get so happy when I buy them things.The Webinz mall's shopes would be very popular. Maybe, you could work something out with Justice and have a Justice in the Webkinz Mall. It could sell clothes that look like some styles a girl might have from Justice.

Everyone deserves a chance to go to the movie theater and see a movie sometime in their lives. So do Webkinz. The Webkinz Mall would need a movie theater. You could make a Webkinz Movie such as a little longer Monkey & Monkey Show. This would work because the Monkey & Monkey Show is very funny and Webkinz would love to go see this movie.

Are you ever hungry but don't want to make a nice meal? What if a restraunt came to Webkinz World? It could be a Pizza Place, like the game, but you would "play" the game for what your pet wants and then you could feed your pet the pizza. That sounds fun to me. I love pizza, and most people do. So do webkinz.

Over all, the building of a Webkinz Mall would be great to all members of Webkinz World who love to shop, see a good movie, and go out to eat. I hope you agree with me. Bye for now!:w:

Dixiecup02-13-2009 09:51 AM

Re: Webkinz need a fun place to hang out
All of those are so readily accessible within your own rooms. You can make a Mall or a Movie Theater, now. If you want to make a Movie you can just pick up the Webkinz studio and make one for your Kinz :) There are so many characters to choose from and Movie sets, as well. The Mall, Check out some of our Housez threads, you would be amazed at how creative some people here, really are. They have made restaurants and Shopping centers. If you want that 'Mall Crawl' feeling, just go to the Partay Section and make a reservation for a Party to invite people, here from :wi:
It would be awesome if :w::w: would give us places to travel outside our doors, but I don't think it will happen. SO, we can make our own, for now ;)

luvzingoz02-13-2009 03:41 PM

Re: Webkinz need a fun place to hang out
I like your idea! It would take some time, but for now you can create a little mall in your house!

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