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Old 08-09-2007, 01:52 AM   #1
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Lightbulb Tips on buying Webkinz on Ebay

I didn't see a thread about this anywhere else... I thought it might be helpful

I do a LOT of business on Ebay... I've done more than 15,000 transactions in the last few year... So... I know all the tips and tricks... and how to avoid scams.

I've seen some posts here about people not wanting to buy their Webkinz on Ebay...
Ebay really isn't such a horrible place. It's actually pretty cool and as long as u find the right sellers, u could save a bunch of money and/or find some really rare items that u can't find anywhere else.
Most sellers accept Paypal payments... Which is the safest way to pay. If the item doesn't match the description, or your packge doesn't arrive, u can file a dispute and most of the time get all of the money back.
If u follow my guide.. u shouldn't run into any problems

1) Read the entire title and description before bidding!. The description is very important. Many people just read the title... or skim thru the description and often miss very important details... Then when they get their item and something's wrong with it... The seller isn't at fault if they listed the flaw... but u didn't see it.
Things u want to look for in the item description- "UNUSED CODE or UNACTIVATED CODE"
This means they are telling u that the Webkins hasn't been added to an account.
Someone could list a webkinz like this-

Title- Webkinz Monkey w/ tags still attached
Description- For sale is a Webkinz Monkey with origional tags still attached. etc...

Really... all this means is that they are selling a Webkinz monkey with the tag attached.. It says nothing about the code... for all u know they could've used the code and put the tags back on. And by the time u realize it.. There won't be much u can do because of a technicality... The listing said "Webkinz with tags" so... u got a Webkinz with tags. Get it?

Don't be afraid to ask questions! If u are unsure then ask the seller "is the activation code unused?"

2) Pictures of the item.
Most people use stock pictures in their listings... because it's convenient.
If the auction u are looking at contains stock pictures and not pictures of the actual Webkinz that will be shipped to u, then ASK for pics of the actual item. This is very important because there could be something wrong with it and they're not disclosing the flaw.
I read a post tonight about someone buying a "fake" Webkinz... this is another reason why u want to ask for a pic. Also, people who scam won't have pictures of the actual item because they don't have the item..... Or u by seeing the item u could see if it's a fake.
Not everyone with stock pics are scammers... but before u bid ... ASK! Most will be more than happy to take pics for u.... and if it's a huge problem for them... then look somewhere else!

3) Check the seller's feedback!
Buyers and sellers have a feedback rating that will tell u how their performance is. Not everyone is perfect and things happen... so some might have a negative rating or 2. This is no cause for alarm... Usually it was a misunderstanding. Try to buy from sellers who have more than 50- 100 total feedback... with at least 98% positive. Sellers with less feedback are usually legit. Remember... Everyone has to start somewhere.. Even the sellers with 5000 feedback had to start out with a 10 rating.

Most importantley--- Look at their feedback comments! Look what people are saying about them and look at what they sold. Someone who is a legit seller will have feedback from other buyers who've bought Webkinz from them. If u see a bunch of feedback from items like "desktop wallpaper" or other small and dumb things... then they are best to avoid. It is really easy to fake a feedback rating and many people buy small things just to boost their rating. So, try to make sure that some of the feedback comments are from Webkinz.

4) Bidding
Ebay allows u to place a bid days before the auction ends.
I have found that it is best NOT to place a bid until the auction is almost over....
I use a program called an auction sniper.. it allows me to put in my max bid and then it will place my bid for me within the last couple seconds of the auction. This works out well because then I wont have to drive up the price during a last minute bidding war.
Another problem with bidding too soon is shill bidding. Shill bidding is when a seller uses a different account to bid on their own item in order to drive the price up.
This just happened to me today. There was a cheeky Monkey listed for .99 cents. So instead of sniping, I just bid in the last hour.... so I was outbid... Then I got a "second chance offer" which meant that the person who outbid me didn't follow thru with the transaction. Now, this sometimes happens but the thing that makes me think I was shilled was- I got the second chance offer about 10 minutes after the auction ended, So, who would outbid someone within the last hour of an auction and then decide they don't want it after they win??? What I think is... The seller kept bidding higher and higher until my max bid was outbid because she didn't want to sell it to me for cheap. So she outbid me but accidentally went over my max bid.
It's easy to tell if this happens. to u. Usually ALL second chance offeres are offered because the seller shilled. Look at the person's username who outbid u. Then run a search with their username under "advanced options"- then "find items by bidder" - then check "include all listing from the last 30 days and even if NOT the high bidder" If u see that person bidding on some of the seller's auctions.. then u know it's them shilling with a different account.

5) Paying for items
The best payment option is Paypal. It will usualy protect u from fraud and if u pay using ur credit card thru paypal, u can file a chargeback.
U can dispute with a seller thru paypal if the item u receive wasn't as described (codes were bad, item was damaged) or if ur package wasn't delivered. They will take the money out of the seller's account and reimburse u. This works 98% of the time for "items not as described" this is why it's extremley important to read the entire description! And if u didn't get the package in the mail... u will be reimbursed if the seller can not provide a Delivery Confirmation number that proves it was shipped. If shipped, the number will show as "delivered". If the seller doesn't provide the number or if the status doesn't show as delivered then u will definitley get the money back.

6) Having ur item shipped
Make sure u provide the correct address.
Ask the seller to get delivery Confirmation... and ask for the #

There a couple different ways to have an item shipped

US postal service- shipped within the US
Priority mail- takes 2-3 days
first class- a couple days - a week
parcel post- about a week -10 days

This is all I can think of for now... If anyone has any additional info... feel free to add it!
If u need an Ebay help... ask!
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Old 08-09-2007, 02:07 AM   #2
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Default Re: Tips on buying Webkinz on Ebay

Great! Thankz point!
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Old 08-09-2007, 02:38 AM   #3
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Default Re: Tips on buying Webkinz on Ebay

very helpful and thorough! thank you!
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Old 08-11-2007, 04:03 PM   #4
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blonde_gurrl is just really niceblonde_gurrl is just really nice

Default Re: Tips on buying Webkinz on Ebay

i just wanted to bump this up one more time

and i also wanted to add.......
if anyone has problems with or has been scammed on ebay... PLEASE pm me so i can walk u thru the dispute process
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