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hs014poodle01-28-2008 07:37 AM

NO SCAMMING - We don't tolerate scamming here on WI, please don't try it! No asking for people's passwords or giving out codes, or anything else that could lead to a member being scammed. If someone asks for your password, notify an admin/mod immediately!!

NO TRADING OUTSIDE OF THE GIFT EXCHANGE - In order to protect our members from scams, we have a special area set up for exchanging items called "The Gift Exchange". No trading or exchanging of any kind is to occur outside of our Gift Exchange. This includes user-hosted contests, etc. There will be no begging for items or asking people for items in their pictures.

NO RUDENESS OR BAD BEHAVIOR - WI is a community about Webkinz for everyone to have fun. Please respect your fellow members and treat them as you would ilke to be treated yourself! Please do not create fake images or stories to get attention, this has become a real problem here on WI and it won't be tolerated any more.

PLEASE POST IN THE APPROPRIATE PLACE - We've done our best to set up categories and forums for you to post in. When you have something to post, check where you're posting it and make sure that it's the proper place. For example, if you have a question about using this website, post it in "WI Rules, Regulations, Support & Suggestions". If you want to know about rare items, post in the "Rare & Exclusive Items" forum under Arte's Curio Shop!

YOU ARE OVER 13 OR HAVE PERMISSION - We want to keep all of you safe and we want to make sure that your parents or guardian understand what membership at WI means. Please refrain from posting your e-mail address or any identifying information such as your name or where you live. If anyone asks this information from you, notify an administrator or moderator IMMEDIATELY. By agreeing to these rules, you certify that you are either: 1) over the age of 13, or 2) have your parents' or guardian's approval to participate as a member on the Webkinz Insider Forum.


How are the User Stars determined?
Webkinz get this color star:

Gifted users get this color star:

Gift Gurus get this color star:

Moderators used to get this color star:

Super Moderators used to get this color star:

Administrators used to get this color star:

The "special" star for all groups (except Admins/Mods) is : http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...starsMulti.gif

The number of stars is determined by the number of posts. 100-500 posts :2 http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...SMF-star07.gif
500-1000 posts :3http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...SMF-star07.gif
1000-2000 posts : 4http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...SMF-star07.gif
2000-5000 posts : 5http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...SMF-star07.gif
5000+ posts : 5http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...starsMulti.gif

How do I create a new thread?
In order to create a new thread, just go to the forum that you want to create a new thread in and click the "new thread" button on the upper left hand side.

How do I create a poll?

The system will not allow you to create polls outside of this section!

To create a poll, type in the message for your poll and then scroll down below that window and check "Yes, make this a poll" and then click "Submit". The website will then direct you to a page where you can create your poll options.

Here is what it looks like:
http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...3Cfont%20size=How do I take screenshots / post pictures?</B>

If you are on Windows, to learn to take screenshots and post pictures on WebkinzInsider Forums, please visit a guide!

If you are on a Mac, find something you want to take a picture of, then press "Shift+Apple+4" You will see your mouse pointer turn into crosshairs. Click on the upper-left corner of what you want to take a picture of, and drag a box around it. You will hear a camera sound and the screenshot will appear on your desktop as "Picture 1" . Then, just upload it to WI, with the instructions below, as it is already in .PNG format!

If you have images that are already in .GIF, .JPG or .PNG format, you can upload them directly to WI so that they will appear at the bottom of your message with the "zoom" function. In order to do this, just make your reply or new topic, and below the typing window, click "manage attachments" and upload your images!

ALL ABOUT Reputation!
What are the green dots?
This is a user's reputation and is just a way of keeping track of the most helpful people on the forum. If you like what someone has to say, or they help you. Give them a click and add to their reputation!

Giving Reputation
There is a thumb icon right next to the "Reputation" area on each user's post bit.

To add to a person's ‘Reputation’, click on the thumbs up icon. A ‘Reputation’ box will open and you can type your reason for thanking the user.

If you're helpful on the forum, we're sure you'll get them very shortly if you don't already have them! Don't forget to give them out!!

Checking who added to your reputation
You can check your (15) most recent additions by clicking "UserCP" at the top of the forum. It will bring up a list of the last 15 people that have contributed to your reputation.

I don't have any, can you give me some?
We don't allow begging of any kind here on WI, and that includes begging for Reputation. We've already taken the system away to change it because of constant begging and we don't want to have to remove it altogether. Spend some time here, help a few people out and people will give them to you on their own accord.

Can I offer Reputation to encourage people to answer my threads?
NO. We've seen a lot of this and the problem comes when someone forgets to give those promised reputation and people start posting "Why didn't you give me the reputation?" or ask us why someone didn't follow through. People will answer your thread, faster than you even imagined. If you get an answer that helps, feel free to give them reputation, but no offers anymore, PLEASE! Also, no "I only need x more reputation, please help me" threads. Any threads or posts the offer/beg for reputation will be deleted.

ALL ABOUT the Gift Exchange
What is the Gift Exchange?
The Gift Exchange is WI's safe trading area. We have a number of rules in place to keep this area safe for trading and to prevent scamming. Trading outside of the Gift Exchange is not allowed on WI!!

Where is the Gift Exchange?
As a protected-area, the Gift Exchange must be unlocked, so people who don't have the required number of posts and haven't agreed to the rules cannot see the Gift Exchange.

How do I get in to the Gift Exchange?
Please read the rules and post your agreement as a response once you qualify and are done reading them.

What is the MyWI link in my posts and profile?
This is your very own "home" on WI. Please take a look at the following posts for all the detailed instructions and overviews for the exciting system!!


Why Can't I PM, see the member list or MyWI pages?
This is most likely because you are classified as "Lil Kinz" on the system, meaning you have less than 10 posts. Once you have crossed over the 10 posts barrier, you will be able to view and use all of these features!

Reporting Posts
Reporting a post
vBulletin has a great way to report posts and bring them to our attention. It's the "red flag" below people's names on each post. If you see a post that doesn't follow the rules, click that red flag, fill out the reason and click send.


More Frequently Asked Questions can be found in our FAQ section which can be found near the "Hippo" on the top of the page!

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Lost10293801-28-2008 07:44 AM

Thank you! Rep point for you!

hs014poodle01-28-2008 07:51 AM

Thank You I aPP iT

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