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williamson_3901-14-2008 12:58 AM

Problem with in-line attachments in WI posts?
I really like the cool zoom effect and tools you get when you click an image that has been 'attached' to a post. But when I use the [attach]attachmentID[/attach] tag to show the attachment in the body of the post instead of at the end, it doesn't open properly. When clicked, the in-line attachment seems to take over the entire window instead. Here's an example: http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...html?p=2191474.

Any suggestions? I can't find any info about it being a known issue, but then again, I haven't seen many posts using in-line attachment tags either....

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One other thing I noticed is that when you use the attachment tags in a different message, it shows a link instead of a thumbnail. It would be nice if all cases were the same as a "normal" attachment.

mom2hnemi01-14-2008 10:03 AM

Re: Problem with in-line attachments in WI posts?
Hi williamson~

There are a few ways to add an image to a post that will determine how its displayed. The post in the link you gave, they used the "insert image" icon above the text box that allowed it to show up within the message they posted.

To get the thumbnails at the bottom of a post, you must use the "manage attachments" feature underneath the text box.

If someone simply enters the url address of an image within thier text..the system auto reads it as a link and will auto make it clickable..when clicked it will then pull up the image.


williamson_3901-14-2008 12:44 PM

Re: Problem with in-line attachments in WI posts?
Thanks for the info. I've experimented quite a lot with the different options too.

The main reason I posted was to understand why the same attachment (not a linked image) appears differently when it is left at the end, or moved into the middle of the message with the attach tags. Both are the same kind of attachment - the attach tags just allow you to show it in the body of the message.

After thinking about it, I started wondering why every image isn't handled exactly the same way, no matter where it is stored or how it is associated with a message. I really like the way standard attachments that are left at the end of the message work for readers, but they limit the design of a post because I only get my preferred UI for readers when I leave them at the end.

Not a big deal. I'm quite familiar with the impact of process, time, and change on the design of a system. Every feature has a history - it's hard to keep it all perfectly compatible, and often not worth the effort required to do so.

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