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Alexis06-18-2009 06:26 PM

Posts aren't everything!!
I changed some of this post because some people had me change my mind :P

I made this thread to inform even the already informed that posts aren't everything.

In my almost month that I have been here, I noticed that many people just want posts, to get the shiny stars.

Please read the post below thoroughly..this is what I am trying to get to kind of..

Originally Posted by Meow Face (Post 15022465)
With all the new arguments/discussions here I think we need to get to the root of this thread. Meaningful helpful posts are wonderful and if you have 500 meaningful posts that is something to be proud of. 500 times you have helped someone, or had a question answered.

The part I think that those of us on this side of the fence are trying to stress is people who post something trivial on everything they see in an attempt to get stars and what not.

Being an active WI member is great! Please post and make new threads. But please don't post random things just to get stars.

bob nws you always make such great points! I think you should be proud of your post count as they are always great posts. :)

I don't care how long someone has been a member or how many stars they have, I care about how they act on the forum and why they are here. :)

People are making post "speeches" when they reach even 100, 200, or 300...sometimes even 150, 250, or 350!! Speeches are great for when you have 1,000, 5,000, 10,000+ posts..but every 50 posts?!? If you have posts that you got from helping people, then you should be proud! Then make a speech!

The DCT is NOT for getting posts to get those awesome rainbows! It's for chatting, not staying on one subject.

I know I will celebrate my 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000+ posts with speeches. This is my opinion. I'm not making you do anything..If this puts you down, I'm sorry :(

So please, keep this in mind, Posts aren't everything.


Originally Posted by dreamb97 (Post 15019915)
i agree 100%
also, reps aren't everything either!


x-tiff06-18-2009 06:32 PM

Re: Posts aren't everything!!
Thanks for making this thread. I totally agree I don't really post alot because I don't feel like they are anything but I post a bit.

Meow Face06-18-2009 06:36 PM

Re: Posts aren't everything!!
Wow thank so much for this!!!!

It really irks me when people start bragging about how many posts they have! Are you posting just get to stars or because you have something meaningful to contribute! Too many people think popularity is how many stars you have....more posts does not make you a better member, being a helpful person on the site will do that.

Now this is not intended for people who have been here quite a while and will obviously have a lot of post counts.

When I see someone who has only been here a month or less and they have over 500 posts I have to wonder just what they are posting about...anything that needed to be said or just trying to be popular.

Thanks so much for bringing this up :)

Midnights Bliss06-18-2009 06:37 PM

Re: Posts aren't everything!!
I agree with you 100%.
I think it's unfair to list
how many posts each person have
because it could make other people
upset/or jealous. And could lead to
having "fake" friends in a sense. Like you said.
Good post. Reps given. :)

- Midnights Bliss

sammy57806-18-2009 06:47 PM

Re: Posts aren't everything!!
thank you for pointing this out.
sure, i dont have very many friends yet.
bu then again, i just joined WI a couple days ago!
so i KNOW thanks to you that it has nothing to do with how many posts i have.
i am grateful for what i have, and will not want more than i can get.


bballmars06-18-2009 06:52 PM

Re: Posts aren't everything!!
No, posts aren't everything and i don't really see many peole obsessed over them anyway. I post cause i love to talk about webkinz and i love to give my opinion. truth be told, it is fun to watch the numbers go up. Speeches are fine to me, because it's like, you have a "relationship" with WI for a long time, and it's fun to "celebrate" it because it's important to you.

Think of it as marrige. You are married cause you love your partner and everything. You go through everything together! You go through all life. Why is the 50 anniversary so important? Because it's celebrating the life and love the marrige brought about. Havning and anniversary isn't everything to marrige, but it's just part of it. You have to be married to have an anniversary, and you get an anniversary if you're married. Just like, you're going to have a lot of posts if you stay with WI for awhile.

newly married couples 'look up' to couples that have been married for a while, because it's really amazing and it's new for the newly married couple. Now, usually people who have had WI for a while, have more experience and more posts, so that would explain why newer members look up and want to be friends more witht he older members.

no, personality is more important, but post counts is just part of being a member.

MissSparkle06-18-2009 06:55 PM

Re: Posts aren't everything!!
I think speeches are okay; I always congratulate someone when they get a new star or rep box. It's pretty exciting.

Alexis06-18-2009 06:55 PM

Re: Posts aren't everything!!
I will be honest, I post on the DCT a lot, but not to get posts. I rarely look how many posts I have.

dreamb9706-18-2009 06:56 PM

Re: Posts aren't everything!!
i agree 100%
also, reps aren't everything either!

Alexis06-18-2009 06:58 PM

Re: Posts aren't everything!!

Originally Posted by dreamb97 (Post 15019915)
i agree 100%
also, reps aren't everything either!

You got that right!!

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