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Old 02-03-2008, 04:40 PM   #1
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Default People Who are gifted plz come here and help me!

When you have your thread in the gift exchange area, how do you change the title of your thread. thx
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Old 02-03-2008, 05:21 PM   #2
Gift Guru
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Default Re: People Who are gifted plz come here and help me!


Congrats on becoming gifted by the way. I see you are fairly new!

To change your title, first, click on the modify button on your first post. Modify is next to the quote button. Then click go advance, and above where you edit the post, there is a place to edit your title.

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Old 02-03-2008, 05:23 PM   #3
PM me for it
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Default Re: People Who are gifted plz come here and help me!

View Post Originally Posted by Lilypad1394

Congrats on becoming gifted by the way.

To change your title, first, click on the modify button on your first post. Modify is next to the quote button. Then click go advance, and above where you edit the post, there is a place to edit your title.
yes, i agree with lilypad, i had trouble with this at first when i first became gifted. but you will get the hang of things soon!
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Old 02-03-2008, 07:01 PM   #4
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Default Re: People Who are gifted plz come here and help me!

ok thanks so much!!!
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Old 02-03-2008, 07:04 PM   #5

Default Re: People Who are gifted plz come here and help me!

ok now that you know how if you vould put in your thread title [SOLVED] so people know that this is a solved question thanks,lindsey
Old 02-03-2008, 07:06 PM   #6

Default Re: People Who are gifted plz come here and help me!

Fair Gift Exchange Policies

The Gift Exchange

We want to welcome everyone to our Gift Exchange! We have revamped the Policies to give you a safe and secure place to give each other gifts and we just know you are going to love it! Please read all of the Fair Gift Exchange Policies before proceeding.

1. First and foremost - NO SCAMMING! If you agree to give a gift, abide by it.

2. All gifting will take place in the Gift Exchange, NOT through PM's until you gain Gift Guru status.

3. Do not beg, plead, whine, snivel, etc. for someone to give you something. Nobody likes a whiner.

4. Only items inside Webkinz World are allowed to be given. We do not allow giving of actual Webkinz pets themselves.

5. You must post feedback for other members when you complete a gift exchange. The feedback system will help honest members gain Gift Guru status while weeding out those who are not Trustworthy. Feedback instructions can be found in the "Feedback System Information" announcement. If you have problems using the feedback system, PM a member of the management for help. NOTE: You must have 50 forum posts to use the feedback system, as well.
5.1. With the expanding size of the Gift Exchange and new members coming in constantly, the potential for scamming continues to increase. Always check the feedback of your potential exchange partner!! New users to the Gift Exchange with 0 or low feedback are REQUIRED to send first. If they refuse, contact the management.

6. Don't offer gifts in someone else's Gift Registry. Each member will have their own gift thread (Gift Registry). Do not post in their thread that you have the same item/s and will offer a better gift. That's just bad mojo.

7. Members who have a Giftz score of 50 and at least 100 posts on the forum and been a member for a month based off of first trade, will be awarded Gift Guru status, will gain access to the GG board, and can give gifts privately through PM's with other Gift Gurus.

8. You may ONLY HAVE ONE Gift Registry. All Gifted and Gift Guru members will post their registry in the main Gift Exchange. You must post in the correct alphabet section, using the 1st letter in your username. Posting more than one registry or posting on the wrong section will cause your registry to be deleted.

9. You cannot have multiple accounts on this forum. This is to prevent members from leaving feedback for themselves and gaining GG status by cheating.

10. You cannot use your gift list as your forum signature. Gift signatures advertise your list everytime you post to the forum. It promotes open forum and PM offers. It takes up a ton of room and is just down right annoying.

11. Gifting privileges will be given only to members who contribute to the WI forum as a whole, not just the Gift Exchange area. As such, we are requiring that all members post a minimum of 50 posts before requesting access to the Gift Exchange. The management will review your posts before allowing you access to the Gift Exchange. Posts that are considered "Fluff" will be deleted and will not count toward your 50 posts. Further, posts in the Gift Exchange will no longer contribute to a member's overall post count. In addition, you must be a member of the board for at least TWO WEEKS before applying for Gifted status.

12. You are responsible for your Gift Registry, please keep your first post updated by using the "modify" button on what you still have, don't have, or have added to your lists! Please, only list things that you are willing to trade, as no matter how many times you say you won't trade an item, people will try because it's in your thread!

13. Exchanges may be refused by either party. You both must agree to a fair exchange and both be satisfied. If one party doesn't want to participate in the exchange for whatever reason, it's their choice!

14. The trading of trading cards and trading card codes, actual charms, charm codes, or other accessories or accessory codes is not allowed on the gift exchange. This is difficult to police and we are worried that people can misrepresent what the code is for and stick our members with bad trades.

15. The staff will not delete your trade thread simply because you want to "start over". You can change your first post by clicking "modify" and change your lists and check the FAQ at the top of the forum for pictorial instructions on changing your thread title. NOTE: If you have more than 1,000 replies to your trade thread, you are eligible for a brand new one! Please contact a GE moderator and they will delete your old one for you when you are ready!

16. If there is a line for an item, you must wait your turn in line before making a specific offer. Any person who makes a specific offer for an item when there is an existing line for that item will have their post deleted. They will also lose their spot in line.

These rules are being set in place to PROTECT everyone. Breaking ANY of the rules can result in having your Gift Exchange privileges suspended or revoked, or being banned from the site all together.

If you gain Gifted status and start breaking the rules right away, it will be clear that you have not read the rules and your Gift Exchange privileges will be revoked for 1 week! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND ALL OF THE RULES!

There are just a few steps to take before you can begin giving.

So start stepping and start giving!

Step 1
Review all Rules and Policies. Once you have 50 posts and have been a forum member for at least TWO weeks, you must post that you understand and agree to follow all rules. Once you have posted your agreement, the management will review your posts and notify you when the Gift Exchange will be unlocked.

Step 2
Each member will be allowed to open a Gift Registry for giving their own items or for others to offer gifts to them. First, create a new thread in the Gift Exchange. In the topic line of your thread, post your username FIRST and then whatever else you'd like, along with the time & date it was updated. For instance, your topic line could read; Missy's Gifts & Gadgets - 4/20 9PM or simply Missy - Have Firetruck, Need Frog Bed? - 4/20 9PM. You may only have ONE Gift Registry.

Step 3
In your Gift Registry, make a list of the items you are willing to give and a separate list of items you want. That way members can easily match up your needs to theirs. Make sure to give openly by accepting or declining offers IN YOUR THREAD, not through PM's. Update your "Haves" and "Wants" regularly so that you don't continue getting offers for items you no longer have or need.

Step 4
Always post feedback once you've completed a gift exchange. Again, 50 positive feedbacks, 100 forum posts and a member for a month based off of first trade, will gain you GG status. At that point, you may trade privately with other GG's. You must still trade openly with non-GG's.

Please follow the rules and let's ALL enjoy the Exchange.

Fair Gift Exchanges

To begin to make a fair exchange, it's important to know what category items fall into. We will soon begin building a listing of all WKW items and their value. Until then, we have the following. Review this information to familiarize yourself with item categories and terms.

Item Categories

1. W Shop items - anything that can be purchased in the W Shop

2. Exclusives - Items that are given as adoption gifts but are not specific to any one pet. Note: Bonus adoption gifts can be regular Exclusive or Rare items. Receiving a rare item as a bonus adoption gift does not make it an exclusive or vice versa. A picture and info on all Exclusives can be found in the W Shop.

3. Super Exclusives - Super Beds that come with your 10th adoption and every 5th adoption thereafter.

4. Pet Specific Items (PSI's) - Items that only come with a specific pet upon adoption. Such as the Saint Bernard Fireplace, Poodle Vanity, Retriever Treadmill, etc.

5. Curio Shop Only Items (CSO's) - Common items that can only be bought from the Curio Shop. These include a number of things such as items from the retired Country Theme, Loader Lounger, Chef's Hat & Shirt, Silver Sofa, etc.

6. Rare Items - Items only occasionally available in the Curio Shop, or that can be received as bonus adoption gifts. Rare items include the Egyptian, Medieval, and Scientist theme, as well as individual items like the Golf Cart, Hot Air Balloon, and Humvee.

7. Retired Items - Items that are no longer available through WKW. There are Webkinz Fans who still have these items, and if you're lucky, maybe you can exchange a gift for one. Retired Items include the Blue & White Webkinz Dragster, the Mauna Loa Lamp (Red Lava Lamp), the Witch's Hat, and many other items.

What is a fair gift exchange?

This is a question everyone asks and something we're going to try and answer.

1. A fair exchange is when two people exchange items of equal or similar value.

I will give you my Poodle Vanity, will you give me your Hippo Tub? = Fair trade
Nope, I want your Egyptian Bed for the Tub. = Unfair!

2. A fair exchange is when someone offers a higher value item and asks for a lower valued item that they really, really want.

I really want a Bubble Blower. I'll give you a Posing Plant and a Jelly Cactus. = Fair
Really? If you want it you'll have to give me your Humvee. = Unfair!

3. A fair exchange is when a someone offers I high valued item for an ordinarily lower valued item whose value has increased due its popularity, or scarcity.

I'll give you my Medieval Bed, can I have your Clydesdale Fireplace? = Fair
I'll give my Toy Purse and Loader Lounger for your 1st Day Print = Unfair!

Only offer fair exchanges. We don't want members taking advantage of those who may not know the value of their items. If you see an unfair trade in someone's Gift Registry, grab a mod quick so we can help. Unfair gifting practices will NOT be tolerated. This forum is a community for people to come and enjoy - not to get ripped off by shady members.

Is WI An Auction House?


Due to recent gifting practices that the staff deems as "unfair" or "unethical", new offering practices will take effect immediately. When a member updates their trade list, new offers are bound to come in for a variety of items.

While it was not a stated rule in the past, we are making it explicit, all offers must be entertained on a first come, first-served basis (in the order they are received).

In order to even the playing field and provide "fairer" trades, the following offering practices must be followed.

Once a user has made an offer for an item (whether they say "I want your Poodle Vanity, check my thread to see if I have anything you want" or they offer a specific item with "I want your Poodle Vanity, I'll give you my Hippo Tub"), all users MUST consider that item as taken.

You can still express your interest in the item, and say that you would love their "Poodle Vanity" if the trade doesn't work out, but you are NOT allowed to "outbid" the original offer.

If someone makes an offer on your thread and then logs off, you must allow them 6 hours to log back on and accept the transaction.

If you really, really want an item and know that you have to log off for a period of time that may be longer than 6 hours, let the person know when you make your offer.

It will be their choice whether or not they decide to wait for you to come back (we encourage it, but do not require it!). Again, until the offer is formally declined, you can only express your interest in an item and cannot offer better items or a "faster trade".

Finally, if you see something not following the rules or going the wrong way, click the "red flag" below the person's name on the post that is breaking the rules. It's the best and quickest way to get one of the staff's attention and set things straight!

This is a Gift Exchange, and the staff sees the Exchange developing into an auction house, which does not follow the direction nor the vision that we had for the Gift Exchange.

We are taking this very seriously. If a user breaks this rule, they will be formally warned. If they break the rule again, their Gift Exchange privileges will be removed for one week.

##Post your agreement below to unlock the Gift Exchange##



NOTE: If you haven't been accepted after 4 days, please check your "User CP Home" at the bottom under "Moderator Actions" and you should be able to see the reason and re-apply once you have corrected the mistake or fulfilled the requirement.

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