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Old 04-19-2012, 11:03 PM   #61
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Default Re: New Rank/Status Idea Above Webkinz.. (I Kinda Got SOME of The Idea From karenpd. ;) )

ok I'm just gonna kinda "quote/reply" everyone from the previous replies on this thread.

View Post Originally Posted by Quack Quack
i am going to post again because my post probably got lost along this.
i am sorry if it sounds rude but i am not trying to be.

i don't see how this is necessary. this is a forum to post helpful things or to trade/talk, not to work your way up ranks like some game. the ranks we have here are needed. mods obviously need to moderate, admins need to administrate, wiki sysops keep that up, the gift coaches teach traders, and the trader statuses are there to ensure that scammers don't get into the GE.

the only reason i can think of for this.. actually, i can't really think of one. i guess it shows who is more knowledgeable about certain things, but that cannot be correct. just like rep... i see people with a lot of rep who cause problems, and people with a bit being the most helpful people. just because someone is a "signature webkinz" doesn't mean they are smarter than someone who is a webkinz.

would anyone like my honest opinion? it seems like anything i try to state gets deleted... so i am just warning you. it's my opinion, so please do not bash on me.

i think this whole thing is going to cause nothing more than...

1. (at the new DCT) more "cliques" and another DCT for the staff to moderate. trust me, i know cbj and the other mods love cleaning up the other 2 dcts. lol.

2. more reasons for people to try to act all fluffy fluffy nice to get accepted.

3. i feel like almost everyone on this forum is capable with the requirements you are saying now... so that means the mods will have to spend soo much time reviewing and accepting because i am sure almost everyone will wanna apply.

4.... really, i am not trying to be rude.. but all of this will happen for practically nothing since the 'signature webkinz' virtually have no role in wi.

to clarify. i don't mean like "no role, that means you people are worthless!!~!"
i mean like "no role, what can you do to work and contribute to the forum better than a webkinz can?"

now, let's hope people don't get offended.
thanks for letting me post... maybe.. if it doesn't get bashed on.
I'd have to agree with this. Other than "having a different title beneath your username," I don't think there's much that you could do once you have it.

A new DCT could possibly cause more trouble, seeing as the gedct and dct looks like enough places to chat on - not to mention the clubs as well, and also through VMs and PMs. Like QQ said, it's another place to moderate, another chat thread being posted everyday, and I just don't see what would be different from that chat thread to the DCT..? The DCT is open for everyone to talk. You could invite your friends along the way, too, so you don't feel that left out.

I could understand the "more than one game thread" in the games section, since then they have something to do without involving trading, or Webkinz overall.

What I'm trying to say is... some of the things mentioned aren't really needed, and I wouldn't see any difference compared to what WI is now. If they get more opportunities on WI, then possibly this idea would work. Otherwise, I don't think much would happen, other than people trying to just get that status and have nothing to do afterwards? Or nothing to receive in return.

For example, when you're "Gifted," you receive things like getting a navy title, able to trade with other WI members (which is an on-going event since Ganz is constantly releasing things in ww, aka more items to trade), and the access to the GE forum/GEDCT. Those are just some of the things they get.

While on the other hand, I think the "Signature Webkinz" would be super similar to the regular Webkinz members. Repeating myself again, all you really get are about one or two things (or at least that's the only ideas I think are appropriate for this title)... and then that's it. Then you're stuck with Signature Webkinz for a long time/forever without having anything else to do? I don't know.

Half of what I just said probably didn't even make sense. But if that was too long or confusing, I'm kinda thinkin no on that cheese. Sorry.
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Old 04-20-2012, 12:38 AM   #62
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Default Re: New Rank/Status Idea Above Webkinz.. (I Kinda Got SOME of The Idea From karenpd. ;) )

I feel like I have to agree with Quack Quack on this. I think some of you are thinking of WI as a game, and you need to work for a rank, then work up to the next rank, and so on, but that's not supposed to be the point of the website. Like Quack Quack said, there are ranks in the Gift Exchange so trading is more organized, and then obviously the Staff have ranks so they are organized on how they manage the website. I've read every post on this thread and I'm still not sure what would be the benefits of a "Signature Webkinz". There's really no other need for another DCT.. since there is one for traders and one for every member. I feel like if you want to be recognized for being helpful and kind that's where reputation points come into play. I just feel like another rank would be unnecessary. The perks of having ranks in the GE is for trading, and if you aren't into trading then there's no perks of the ranks for you and you can just access the entire website.. and if the sizes of avatars and signatures are something people are concerned with, then you should be asking for that instead of a whole rank for basically not much.. Sorry if that didn't make the most of sense, just throwing my two cents out there of what my opinion is after reading up on what you all are saying.
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