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jesswade11-04-2007 01:20 AM

I was wondering how everyone here goes about trading items? Is it allowed? I saw the "bad traders" list.

Where so I post my message and stuff??

I really want to get something for my daughter (I have my own account also).

Any help would be great, thanks!


FIA11-04-2007 01:21 AM

Re: How Do I TRADE?
Here is part of a post from one of our members that explains how to become Gifted.


Originally Posted by emily7921 (Post 304561)
1. You must do 50 good, informative posts to become Gifted. You must also be a member of Webkinz Insider for two weeks.

2. Once you have done 50 posts and have been a member for two weeks, go to the Fair Gift Exchange Rules forum. If you can't find it, here is the link: http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...nge-t4358.html

3. Read the rules and make sure you understand the rules. Once you have read, understood, and agreed with the rules, post on that forum saying 'I have read, understood, and agreed with the rules' or something along those lines.

4. Once you have done that step, the WI staff will check your posts. Be patient and wait a few days and soon the Gift Exchange will be unlocked and you will have access to it. The Gift Exchange should be located under General Discussion/Chat when it is unlocked.

You can find the entire post here: http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...ed-t19856.html

CYNalot11-04-2007 01:24 AM

Re: How Do I TRADE?
Welcome to WI!

In order to be able to trade here, you must have at least 50 contributing posts, been a member for two weeks and read/posted agreement to the rules and guidelines of the Gift Exchange.

If you click FAQ at the top of the page, you can find some more useful information.

ebenz31511-04-2007 01:26 AM

Re: How Do I TRADE?
Jessica, just keep on posting about topics that interest you, time will fly by! WI has these measures in place to prevent scamming of its members--people must first earn trust and develop a relationship with the WI community before being awarded gifted status. Of course, it would be much easier to be like some other sites that simply allow anyone to join and begin trading right away; but these rules are for the best, and everyone here is fair and trustworthy.

Good luck on becoming gifted, once you do, you will have access to the "gift exchange" forum, where members list their items for trade. Until then, keep posting, and I'll see you soon in the GE!

jesswade11-04-2007 02:25 AM

Re: How Do I TRADE?
Great, thanks everyone!

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