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peanutkinz089708-28-2007 05:37 PM

Can somebody Help?? How do you do thoose hearts in post on WI?? I need help??

kinz0908-28-2007 05:39 PM

Re: Hearts??
You click alt, and then on your right keyboard click 3.

peanutkinz089708-28-2007 05:41 PM

Re: Hearts??

Originally Posted by kinz09 (Post 1274071)
You click alt, and then on your right keyboard click 3.

It didn't work??

ea1108-28-2007 05:42 PM

Re: Hearts??
it doesn't work on laptop's though </3 So sad !

DragonStar08-28-2007 05:42 PM

Re: Hearts??
It works. You need to have a side keypad.

Lindsay08-28-2007 05:43 PM

Re: Hearts??
I have a lep top, so I type:

& # 9 8 2 9 ;

without the spaces:

jennanoelle08-28-2007 05:45 PM

Re: Hearts??
so type those numbers to get it?without spaces?

9 8 2 9 ;

katiepup08-28-2007 05:46 PM

Re: Hearts??
Did it work?

no it didn't! Darn!

♥♥♥♥♥♥ there we go!

peanutkinz089708-28-2007 05:49 PM

Re: Hearts??

Yes it worked Thanks!!!

kinz0908-28-2007 05:55 PM

Re: Hearts??
I made a thread on this, if you want to check it out!

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