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runlikethewind04-14-2009 08:26 PM

everyone's a critic.
Have you ever had an idea you thought was a really great one, and then some person, posts saying its not possibe and instanty puts you down. Usually, they are pretty negitive about it also. It hurts my feelings, I mean honestly, who's wouldn't it?

I know that this person is just being skeptical, and trying to be realistic. But, what would this section be without some imagination. It just, is so hard to swallow a post like, 'I think this wont work, I mean really? Besides, V-Bulletin doesn't even do that.'

If you disagree atleast be descent about it. Its insulting! Just think about someone's feelings before you go and post your own opinion.

Hope you agree!


ave04-14-2009 08:37 PM

Re: everyone's a critict.
I agree. :)

When I think or know that a suggestion wouldn't be an option for vBulletin, I say something like:

"This really is a great suggestion, I would enjoy this, and you've put some great thoughts into this post. However, I'm not quite sure this would be an option for vBulletin... you may have to ask Justin. Either way, lovely suggestion. :)"

WhiteTerrierFan04-14-2009 08:40 PM

Re: everyone's a critict.
I agree, it's okay to disagree with people but you should do it in a nice way.
I agree with Ave, that is a nice way to say it without hurting someone else's feelings.
When you disagree with someone, you should be clear as to why you are disagreeing too.

cookiecrumbles04-14-2009 08:44 PM

Re: everyone's a critict.
I agree with Ave too. You can disagree, but be nice about it. If we all followed this rule, we would get through life with a lot less fights ;)

brneyz04-14-2009 08:45 PM

Re: everyone's a critict.
I understand. If people disagree or have some criticism they should perhaps think before typing. After all the biggest thing here is that the slightest non-ill intentioned comment could be taken wrong just based on interpretation not to mention some people are just impolite!!! Interpretation is subjective however, people should bare in mind that constructive criticism is better than blasting someone! I would rather someone give me an alternative than to shoot my idea/comment down. Besides there was a reason for the post... either a question or a suggestion (or a Let me tell you...) people are posting for human connection for assistance or admiration. I do not believe people want to be harshly criticized so perhaps people could take a lesson on civility and put it to good use!! :)

runlikethewind04-14-2009 08:50 PM

Re: everyone's a critict.
Thank you all for posting, I know people have their own opinions, but it is just how they post that opinion, I dont mind if they disagree, as long as they are polite. :)

BackFlip1504-14-2009 09:29 PM

Re: everyone's a critict.
I agree.
I think that if someone's opinion differs from yours, you can find some way to put it nicely. Not every word someone says has to be negative. If I don't think it's possible, my post would be somewhat similar to what Ave posted.
Of course, everyone will have their opinion and critique one anothers. That's the risk you have of posting an idea. Remember though, that someone may like that idea. And ALL those people who didn't like it, will. I mean, after everyone adds in their bit and everyone has helped form your idea, it can be pretty great! I mean, what if the person who saw your post was a Webkinz Creative Director? What if you just created a new product?
I'm not saying everyone's idea will make it that far but still. Never say never :)

Great thread!

Polarity04-14-2009 09:35 PM

Re: everyone's a critict.
I agree completely! There are some posts/threads I don't agree with and I just don't post in them instead of saying something negative if I don't agree with it. If I can say something that would add to a discussion in a nice way, that's another thing. Plus, if someone doesn't know something like V-Bulletin can't do "this or that", (going off of what you were talking about) then there is no reason to let the poster know that in a mean way. :)

birthdayman9804-14-2009 09:39 PM

Re: everyone's a critict.
Hey Hope, i couldnt agree more with you. I hate it when people do that, i mean, it is mean, and hurtful. You make a good point on the "Imagination" part of your post.

Please, whoever reads Hope's post, please, please, PLEASE, do NOT post something mean like "No, that would never happen. I really hate that idea." That is terrible to say, and can get you banned.

Thank you for posting this, Hope.

~Luke :D :)

Ergoiam04-14-2009 09:52 PM

Re: everyone's a critict.
Reading all of your posts it makes me think of something, the old folks use to say... you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Perhaps the negative poster doesn't mean to be rude, but they are in such a hurry to make their point that they fail to realize how they come across to the other person. However, regardless of what topic is being discussed rudeness is never a good policy. However, something that I would like to add is that just because something may not be possible today does not make it impossible in the future.

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