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Desty05-03-2011 12:11 PM

A Challenge for WI :)
Hi everyone! While I was responding to Hollister's poll 'Has WI changed?', I posted this:

Originally Posted by Desty (Post 23169275)
You know...I've thought about this for a few days, and there is something that's changed. It was hard for me to put my finger on at first. I've noticed that WI has lost some of its 'playfulness'. When I first joined, almost 2 years ago, the site had a little more of a light-hearted feeling. There were threads where even the mods and admins would join in and joke around. The threads were allowed a little more flexibility to go slightly off topic and have a little fun. More imagination and humor. I've noticed that gradually this has been removed. Those posts or threads are deleted now. It's supposed to be a forum for a kids' site, after all, right?
I'm not pointing blame at anyone in particular. I think maybe everyone has contributed to it a little bit. It's become a little too serious and sometimes heavy handed. I do miss the days when we could have a little more fun and have more of a give and take with the staff, or even poking fun at Ganz. I'd say it would be nice to see a little bit more of a light-hearted WI again. :-\

I would love to suggest something. Sort of a challenge to everyone here. (including me) Since I've noticed that other older members have also said that they notice a gradual change too..why don't WE take the reins and work on making WI a more positive atmosphere.??

For instance;
- Fewer 'rant' threads. Don't get me wrong- I do understand that they are sometimes necessary and healthy, but let's try to limit those. Remember, you do influence people with those.
- More threads that are positive and building up of others. Like, accomplishments or things that you are looking forward to. :)
- Threads that are just simply more fun. :)
I always have felt that if things are not exactly the way you like it, then try to change something. What do you guys think of this? I'm truly open to your ideas.

MeWuvKitties05-03-2011 01:04 PM

Re: A Challenge for WI :)
I agree, and I understand what you said.
I've been on here for a while too, so I know how it used to be too.

First of all, I've noticed that there aren't many new threads happening lately.
I'm not sure if it's just because people are losing interest, or if they're afraid to post, or what.
The majority of polls are about songs, rather than having a large variety of what they're about.
I've noticed that the majority of threads in Open Mike are all Ranting/Complaining Threads, or long advice threads (Which I have no problem with the advice threads most of the time, as I myself have posted some before).
It seems like most of WI acts like they're grumpy all the time.
I've also seen MANY people complaining about the mods & admins being "too strict".
Yes, honestly, I have thought that at times, they can be a bit strict, but I DO understand where they're coming from. This is meant to be a kid-friendly site. They're just trying to keep it safe, rather than end up getting in trouble. We've all seen our fair share of inappropriate threads/posts. What would happen if a little kid read that? WI would get in trouble for it. They'd rather just delete questionable posts, rather than leave it, and possibly catch some gripe for it.

I think we all should follow Desty's footsteps.
I've never seen Desty say something rude on here before.
Instead, if she disagrees, she'll explain her point of view, or offer some suggestive criticism.
For example, if somebody asked if you like a graphic they made, Desty wouldn't just be like "Eww, no, that's horrible!". Instead, I'm sure Desty would end up saying something like "It's not bad. Maybe next time, you could end up adding some more color to it, or adding some texture to it. :)"

I've also seen Desty joke around alot, which is great. Humor is great (as long as it's appropriate). I, too, have noticed that not many people joke around on here. I think the majority of WI needs to be able to lean back, relax, and have fun on here.
This is a place for people to come and talk about Webkinz, which is a fun, kid-friendly site. It's MEANT to be a fun & helpful site, where you can come and talk to others who share your same interests. It's like joining an after-school club. It's meant to be fun for you, and for you to surround yourself with people who share your same interests, and to make new friends. :)

Desty, your challenge is similar to the "You Are Beautiful" Campaign, in my eyes.
Taking something that some, or most, people notice a negative attitude, and making a promise to try to improve the atmosphere around here, by changing the way we, as one person, acts.
It's kind of like recycling, also. One little person can help make a difference, just by treating someone nicely, rather than inserting a negative remark.
If you don't like what somebody is saying, either just ignore them, or try to offer your own insight to the situation, in a polite way. (Obviously, if it's inappropriate, red flag it or talk to a Mod/Admin about it)

pikachukick90005-03-2011 01:38 PM

Re: A Challenge for WI :)
I like this idea... I've only made one ranting/complaining thread. How about the Mods make a ranting/complaining SECTION, so all those threads could be there, if anybody wanted to rant, they could just post it there instead of flood Open Mike with it. (seriously, I've seen rants even in the DCT!)
I like the Mods, and never complained about that. On most sites, Mods BARELY post ANYTHING but the rules. Over here though, they POST things, and don't ban you if you break one little rule.
I'd LOVE it if WI was more light-hearted, not complaining about a scammer in KC+... ect, ect. Again, I LOVE this idea.

Isabelle12305-03-2011 01:54 PM

Re: A Challenge for WI :)
I love this idea. I mean, this should be a pretty cheerful site. This site is meant for you to forget about your troubles and temporarily indulge and have fun talking about webkinz world. We need to take action. WI needs to be a more cheerful place!

akpanfol1105-03-2011 02:06 PM

Re: A Challenge for WI :)
I totally agree. I wasn't here when that time happed but I do know what you mean. There are some thread that I've seen that are Great, but are closed because there to "Random".But those are all the fun ones. I mean this should be a Playful, Fun, and Cheerful site. We need to take action on making this site Cheerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

Priceless05-03-2011 06:03 PM

Re: A Challenge for WI :)
I agree with you Desty! I love this thread. I also love how you make me smile everyday with those warm rep messages! :bow: You are awesome!! I think WI is an awesome community, but seeing some threads from way back then this community used to be a small and nice one, but as numbers gradually grow it gets harder to handle and include everyone in the fun!

First of all, I think we can all post at least 2 sentences! :thumbup: It's not that hard. If you take some thought, it is quite fast! But now all I see nowadays are such posts as "Haha, yeah [10 letter rule]" and I'm like "WHAAA? :o". This is specifically not what WI was made to do. Of course, you can agree with someone, but it isn't your exact thoughts, now is it? ::)

I also think we are overwhelming some of the forums. DCT's and Games are fun, but we should also be spreading our posts everywhere to everyone! :nod: We all have fan favorite posters (It happens to all of us :coolsmiley:) but we can post in new members too!

I also think some of our deleting posts should go down. Sometimes we have to if it is totally irrelevant but that's human nature! Sometimes we want to start a new topic though it has NOTHING to do with the situation. :idjut2: I do love love love our staff, don't get me wrong though.

So here's a challenge from me: POST EVERYWHERE TO EVERYONE, and also make it happy filled with lots of smileys (not over excessing though :clap:). Don't care about the number of posts (though sometimes we want to see some rainbow or spins) and don't care about rep! We should all be happy as a community and as a family. ;D

Centex Homes 105-03-2011 06:08 PM

Re: A Challenge for WI :)
I have made only complain thread. It was not to long ago. 2011. It was about He.P. What i mean is ther opinions. In the real world, they don't mind me liking He.P. On the computer, it's the opposite. So i open my mouth and complain. Why not? WI members have been making crazy random theads & posts or something lately.

I like this thread. It helps. WI should be a super cool community for everyone. I was thinking of one that will understand i like a rat, not complain about it and understand posts.

There is all kinds of people on WI. I'm different from all of them. To me it 's GS Insider not Webkinz Insider but i just enjoy myself. I like it here. This is a Webkinz fanclub site. But we end up getting away from the Webkinz purpourse of this website. Why? We enjoy it here (i do atleast).

geros905-03-2011 06:32 PM

Re: A Challenge for WI :)
Thanks so much for this thread! I totally agree with everything you have said, and I'm glad I'm not the only one to feel that way.

What if we just had one rant thread, like the prayer thread, where everyone posted their rants in one place. Support and advice could either be posted on the thread still or handled through PM/VM.

I also agree that most mods and admins have grown "distant." They have a huge responsibility to keep all of us safe, and I am so grateful for that, but I think they could definitely afford to have some fun, lighter posts and actually interact with members on threads instead of being so professional all of the time. That right there would lighten the mood tons.

I have also noticed a huge increase in fighting, and often by the end of the day have PMs/VMs/ messages on other sites with one member complaining about another, often considering quitting WI because they are scared to post on a thread out of fear about how another user will respond. That is definitely nowhere close to the light, playful mood I remember when I joined three years ago. Even though I was probably the most annoying member then, I still had a lot of people who I enjoyed talking to off-topic, and I know they all truly cared about me. Now I see little tolerance for someone who is annoying or not as easy to talk to.

Reflecting back on all of that, I really would love for WI to go back to how it used to be. I think with a little extra effort from each member to make those kind posts, this site would be so much better. :)

b1uski3sxox05-03-2011 06:35 PM

Re: A Challenge for WI :)
B-but... rants make up 90% of my personality. (the rest is meat and sarcasm. And chocolate. Certainly not as much chocolate as I would like, but it's chocolate nonetheless, so I can't really complain XD)

No, jaykay. :D I do agree; WI used to be more lighthearted... now people (even the mods, dont hurt me plz) are just... kinda... grumpy, yeah, and intolerant of others. It's not "oh, okay, so you like blueberry pie. I like cherry, but it's cool that you like blueberry", it's "OMG EWWWW WHY DO U LIKE BLUEBERRY PIE??????". ... or something along those lines. Sadly, I do not see most people on WI talking about pie. :(

Plus, most people aren't even on Webkinz anymore... :2funny: I bet if we polled all of WI, at least 40% of the pie chart would be "no, I don't play Webkinz any more". It's a Webkinz site, and was originally made as a Webkinz site, like "hey, here's a new recipe", "hey, here's a new Webkinz", not "HAY HERE'S WHAT MY BOYFRIEND DID 2DAY"...

Aaaaand I'm talking/ranting too much so I'll shut up now, kthxbai. :cookie:

MeWuvKitties05-03-2011 06:43 PM

Re: A Challenge for WI :)

Originally Posted by geros9 (Post 23173590)
What if we just had one rant thread, like the prayer thread, where everyone posted their rants in one place. Support and advice could either be posted on the thread still or handled through PM/VM.

Hmm, that's a good idea.
I was originally going to suggest maybe there could be a forum section, where everybody can post advice threads and 'rant threads'.
Though I'm not sure staff would go for a Rant Thread, or Advice & Rant section... :-\

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