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Old 01-20-2008, 07:24 PM   #1

Post how far best friends go!

okay well first you have to post comments one you read

I sat on a shelf next to my 2 best friends penny and haley. A little girl and a little boy came in they looked around 3 and 5 maybe 6. The little boy was reaching towards a chihuahua,a lion and a google, he saw them all together on a shelf. The girl reached for me penny and haley. A woman wearing a pink skirt and a white shirt with dark long black hair sliked back into a braid made a rather annoyed face. Timmy, Samantha you know you cant get 3 of them each, they are not in the budget.PLEASE?PLEASE? moaned the little girl looking like she was gonna bust into tears. I want a pookie screamed the little boy not getting the meaning of what they really were.Timothy! why would you want a big eared dog, a some sourt of duck and a lion? becwause i wike dem! screamed the boy. Oh very well! the mother said giving up. But samantha, little princess,angel,sweethear.. the mom was cut off. Oh why do i want a horse with puffy heals,a horse with spots, and a horse with a diamond on its head?because i like horses and tim got 3 and thats that! the little girl said. The mother looked at the price and her eyes almost popped out of her head "THESE WEBKINZ (WEE-BA-KANZ SHE PRONUNCED) are $10.00. The lady wasnt english and she didnt carry foren language but she pronunced webkinz wrong! The little girl smiled and giggled, she waved her long blonde hair and looked closley at the tag, it did say $10.00 for every 6 webkinz! and for a 5 or 6 year old girl she is very bright! if they were buying six webkinz, and it is 6 for 10 dollars they only had to get 10 dollars. The mother said okay to the new discovery and took all the webkinz to the counter, the little boy's drooly hands clapped looking over his mothers shoulders while the girl winked at him. The mother laid 12 dollars (tax) on the counter and bought six webkinz. She then told them they could hold them on their plane to england. England? i shouted. but sam probly didnt notice. Harley relax my friends penny and haley told me. penny was a clysdale and haley was a arabian i was a pinto and we were the bestest of friends
and we all had collars on that said our names so maybe the girl wouldnt change them.
the others that tim had adopted were binky a chihuaha ducky a google and simba the lion. And now that you think about it, they do kinda have a english accent. England was a nice place! I couldnt wait to explore. Mommy said the little boy. what honey? the mom said holding sam and tim's baby sister. Dis is Bwinky,Dooky, and Seemba! Da my new friends! the little boy said. Come here Vanessa the little girl said picking up her little sister and taking penny in her hand. PENNY! i screamed when penny made a frightened face. Charles the cheeky dog had never prepared us for this! She gave vanessa a baby toy and we all felt releived. We about to board the plane when a man appeared. He looked friendly and was with a 13 year old girl who had extra long hair and braces. HOW BIG WAS THIS FAMILY? he walked up to the mom and the baby he said hi and took the baby in his hands. MOM WHAT DID THOSE BRATS GET?the girl said. Just some weebakanz a found in a cardshop when i was looking for a card for aunt may. she said. And? the girl said. Well i didnt get you anything but i am sure sammy will give u a weebakanz if u really want one! the mom said. OK. the girl said sounding happy. NO sam screamed to her sister. fine those are stupid. the older girl said listening to a ipod,wearing pink uggs, with a designer handbag. and a hoody that said so what? and a pair of jeans. LETS JUST GO TO STUPID AUNT MAYS SO WE CAN SEE HER NEW DUMB HOUSE AND GO HOMEEE!!! she stormed onto a plane while the doors closed!!!!!Mandy!!!!!the mom said THATSS NOTTT OUR PLANE!! ITS GOING TO MEXICO!!!the mom cried! HELP HELP ME mandy cried while the door closed.she went up to the flight endendant who spoke chinese only and mandy said i am not supposed to be here i am on the wrong plane! MAY i have a tickat? the woman said. I DONT HAVE ONE I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ON THIS PLANE!!mandy said. STOP DA PLANE!! she yelled to the driver and there was a scrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh. it came to a stop and the plane was backing up towards the family!could this be the end to harley haley penny binky ducky and simba? it was a dream vacation gone bad!


please comment
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