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carmenslabels07-01-2008 09:21 AM

Ad for Lil' Cow POTM
I was just doing the wishing well and there was an ad to the right talking about Webkinz Cares, the Lil' Cow and it said it was the Pet of the Month. Are there two POTM?>:D Maybe it was a double ad or something but it sure looked like that is what it was saying. I have the other lil kinz from walgreens, but i haven't gotten the lil' cow yet.
Anybody know?

young@heart07-01-2008 09:25 AM

Re: Ad for Lil' Cow POTM
WI said somewhere that there will be new Webkinz Cares animals out each month. Look back to previous WI home page posts and you'll find more info.

StaceFace0507-01-2008 09:36 AM

Re: Ad for Lil' Cow POTM
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I saw the ad too, and I just went out and bought the lil kinz cow, but did not get a POTM loot bag from my adoption... so I dont think it's the same as the other POTM...
Anyone else know what's up with this?

Webkinz Mania07-02-2008 06:44 AM

Re: Ad for Lil' Cow POTM
i know:
its pet of the month for webkinz cares

dancenfool0607-02-2008 09:10 PM

Re: Ad for Lil' Cow POTM
its the webkinz cares potm meaning that you can only buy that one and get the special code for webkinz cares. at wall greens there are 6 doller webkinz cares webkinzs and they change every mounth.

ntaspnkasu07-02-2008 10:56 PM

Re: Ad for Lil' Cow POTM
They are NOT the only ones at walgreens. I'm interested in why they would use the graphic for pet of the month. They haven't really had any POTM things this month either.

TexasGirl807-02-2008 11:08 PM

Re: Ad for Lil' Cow POTM
I've noticed it.... I have no idea what's going on, but if it is a POTM type thing, I'm gonna die because I adopted one on June 30th or was it the 29th? That would really be stressing, I would have missed it by a day or two.

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