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Old 02-26-2008, 03:31 AM   #141
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: A little less Complaining would be Greatly Appreciated. ♥

I've only read the first few posts on this thread....I'd like to read them all, however it's waay past bedtime, and I'm beat (perhaps tonite)

Anywayz....I see the primary concern her is posting or emailing complaints about Ganz's service lately. Being a business owner of a complex website, I personally openly welcome, and actually encourage people, to dole out as much constructive critism as possible...we want to know all about the glitches, the frustrations, if any, and any dissatisfied customer, no matter what the reason. As a business we are there to serve our customers, and build upon a website that suits them best...making them happy, makes us happy. Some people who have complained harshly to Ganz perhaps do not have the greatest finness in how they state their point. Some people are younger and have not the expeireince to word things accordingly...I'm pretty sure that Ganz takes these emails with a grain of salt and is very understanding. Large companies need to be patient, forgiving and flexible. I don't really see the critisizing emails as being hate-full towards Ganz...it's all a matter of one's perspective. Again, back to my website...we were majorly frustrated, as the owners when the only feedback was..."oh your site is awesome....I love it....it's so great with this..... and great with that....." And naturally our users assummed that we most certainly were aware of all the glitches, big or small.....well, not always, and I valued each and every email.....I was begging for constructive critiszm...makes a company do better...it really helps a lot. Ganz is providing a service to please it's audience/users..... our feedback, positive or negative is all very essential. We provide them their bread and butter. Without satisfied customers...no website, no sales. Perhaps when stating a negative point, one might also want to tell them a few things that please us to them as well. I treat others the way I'd like them to treat me...I would not be pleased if all my family and friends only complimented me....I know they care when they take the time to point out a trait or behaviour that I could improve upon. (which can be hard to hear sometimes, but I grow stronger and all the wiser from their input)....I am quite grateful for people who couragously tell me exactly what I need to hear to help me grow....just so long as it's done with an underlying attitude of love.....speak the truth in love......there's no point to try to purposefully make an individual or a corporation feel hated or guilty......revenge is not sweet, it is wrong, but constructive advice is a gift to be treasured. Again, keep in mind there are many young adults or children venting....eventually they may learn through following good leadership around them, that they may be able explore other avenues in order to express their concerns with all due respect and common courtesy to all. I can elaborate further once I get a good night's sleep....I hope everyone who reads this post understands the sentiment here, as well as the context there of. You're all wonderful people...nobody's perfect...I'd say all you can expect or hope for from anyone is that they try to do their best and be mindfull of their manners using accecptable/appropriate etiquite. Sorry for all my spelling errors....too tired to correct them........Love and accept one another despite the differences.....we all have differing backgrounds, lifestyles, and upbringing...we will never all mutually agree, however, we can respectfully agree to disagree when we hit a roadblock with another individual or group........ so, okay, I've nearly written a novel, so thanks for taking the time to read some of my thoughts!

Wishing you all well........please allow people to speak thier mind (respectfully), no matter their opinion..... if at all possible. If someone is across the board blatently rude and unkind, then kindly speak to them and/or say a prayer for them with hopes of meeting a swift resolve, especially if you're a Christian (as the good Lord is the Master Healer and Peacemaker). If they do not listen and are beligerent... maybe then take a witness and make another attempt to reconcile the situation....we all need much more peace and love planted and nurtured unconditionally in this very lost, decaying world we live in......Count your blessings daily....we are all blessed!

God bless you all!
And try to have fun despite the glitches......we all have a lot to be mighty thankful for!

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Old 02-26-2008, 06:24 AM   #142
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Default Re: A little less Complaining would be Greatly Appreciated. ♥

I agree! Maybe if Ganz wasnt having to read thousands of complaints saying "I lost my Prismatic chair!" or like that they might actually get the glitches fixed! =]
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Old 02-26-2008, 06:48 AM   #143
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Default Re: A little less Complaining would be Greatly Appreciated. ♥

i also agree and disagree with you! I think people r getting out of hand with the complaining, and you r totally right we CAN'T expect any website to be perfect! But i also disagree in that I think if ppl complain about glitches it is fine because they bought the item they wanted to play and they were not expecting glitches!I just dont think they need to be complaining this much but it is understandable! People are mad because they cant do dailys or go the curio play ih kinxchat plus,ect..... and we have to understand that because they have been looking forward to these things and they cant do them!!! That is why everyone has been so mad!
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Old 02-26-2008, 01:28 PM   #144
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: A little less Complaining would be Greatly Appreciated. ♥

View Post Originally Posted by Yoshi
I agree! Maybe if Ganz wasnt having to read thousands of complaints saying "I lost my Prismatic chair!" or like that they might actually get the glitches fixed! =]
I've seen this idea often here, and I wonder about the reasoning behind it. Ganz isn't two people sitting at a desk in a small room, madly programming away until the phone rings or the mail comes in. Ganz is a huge company, or at least a medium sized one, that has thousands of workers. Some were hired for programming/technician jobs, some for customer service, and some for completely different jobs. I guarantee you the programmers are not doing the customer service jobs, and the customer service people get paid to deal with the customers. So if no one should be calling in complaints when they have legitimate problems, why have those customer service people been hired?

No one spends a large amount of money on Webkinz so they can complain about the service. People pay for something because they want to enjoy it. If so many are complaining, why shouldn't they when they have an actual problem and Ganz has a customer service department to deal with those complaints? And the vast majority of those complaining are not whining about not getting 500 kc every time they spin the WOW... they are complaining about not getting or about losing things they paid hard-earned money for. As I stated on another post, I think most people come and vent here since Ganz doesn't acknowledge their issues via the customer service department. I have never come across a business with poorer customer service - even those who didn't resolve my issues at least responded to my emails. If Ganz responded to their customers, people could focus here on the fun side of Webkinz World rather than all the technical issues that are keeping them from enjoying it.

And I think it's really awful of Ganz to say that lost items are a result of giving out one's password and to do nothing about it. Hundreds of people giving out their passwords, and every time they do so, the person to whom they gave the password steals something from their account? Ridiculous! And insulting! There is a rule - the customer comes first. Where I work, if someone has a complaint, you don't insult them. Instead, we have to do our best to see that the complaint is fixed so that they have a positive reaction - even if the customer is a jerk about it, even if the customer is an obviously stupid person who made the mistake, even if the customer obviously knows she is in the wrong and keeps arguing with us about it. Even if it costs Ganz to send out those items, and even if someone could lie and say they didn't get their item, the small cost of sending out the item again would be nothing compared to the potential, and likely with continued poor customer satisfaction, loss of millions of dollars when customers switch to Ty or another such program. Ganz needs to consider that. They may have gotten the lead in the new era of virtual pets, but if they don't stay up to par, they can still lose out. Another company can offer the same type of features, but offer better service, and the consumer base could easily turn in that direction. Virtual pets are nothing new or original - remember Neopets, anyone? The novelty is in the way they implement the idea, and if they let that go down in quality, people will turn elsewhere.

Don't get me wrong - I like Webkinz. I think it's a great place for kids, and I admit to being an adult who enjoys it as well. But I've paid for the entertainment, and I expect to be entertained without having to deal with a ton of problems that go unresolved due to a company's lack of respect for its customer base. If Ganz was a free service, I would agree that people should not complain so much about problems. But those people are paying for Webkinz, and they deserve to get what they paid for. And I think everyone has a right to complain when they aren't getting what they paid for. Otherwise, things will certainly not get better; rather they will get worse. Ganz and other companies will know they can get away with poor customer service and having dissatisfied customers, and they will not spend the money improving their products when they know they can get away with subpar products and service. We need to let them know that they cannot get away with that, and that we expect quality and good customer service to go along with it.
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Old 02-26-2008, 02:36 PM   #145
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: A little less Complaining would be Greatly Appreciated. ♥

Crystalnickle, oh you took the thoughts and words right out of my mouth! I was just talking to my husband this morning about all the technical issues and the lack of quality customer service...I said, if Ganz continues on the path they are going without really kicking into high gear with getting things fixed, etc...then a company like Ty is going to possibly sail ahead of Ganz learning to steer away as much as possible from all the mistakes Ganz has made with Webkinz.....I honestly think Ganz has to really take the bull by the horns now, before Ty's new website and plushies take away their market/customers......we just bought a Ty online plush toy last night, to give it a try....my daughter loved it. We tried Shining Stars......it's more for very young children....it's nothing in my oppinion in comparrison to Webkinz. We also tried some other online plush toy company...and they were a RIP-OFF....we bought the plush toy, logged on to find a defunked (expired) website.....so everyone, please research those sites before you purchase an online toy and make sure they exist! We personally didn't actually care that the one site was gone gone gone...because my daughter really loved the plush toy...it was actually really unique and cute. I think Ty has the potential in the near future to give Webkinz some stiff competition though. I want Webkinz to succeed, so I hope they get moving quickly on the problems/ complaints and find some satisfactory solutions
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Old 02-26-2008, 02:48 PM   #146
Webkinz :)
ucasahm is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: A little less Complaining would be Greatly Appreciated. ♥

I too get tired of the glitches but I try to remember that this site is not very old and they are still learning and working out the kinks. Too many times our home pc has glitched up when adding a new program so I expect them to have similar problems only on a bigger scale. I have called them regarding glitches I was having and will continue to do so but I will not let the glitches get me upset.

When I find myself getting irritated by the glitches I remind myself that this is nothing but a blip in the scheme of life. In the last 4 yrs we had 3 hurricanes tear up our house., my father went through chemo for the worst type of lung cancer, we miscarried and lost our last chance to have another child and we nearly lost my BIL to a motorcycle accident which has left him without use of his right arm. Those were things worth geting upset about. I know the glitches are irritating but life can deal you some real blows at anytime and these glitches are simply not worth stressing about. Life is too short and too much stress will only shorten what time each of us has.

Having said that I do think there is a difference with posting a problem your having and getting wound up over these problems. It is helpful to know that you not the only one dealing with a glitch
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Old 02-26-2008, 03:12 PM   #147
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: A little less Complaining would be Greatly Appreciated. ♥

I agree with you that the glitches are not important in the big picture, and I am very sorry to hear of your misfortunes. I also agree that all websites and other computer related technology are going to have issues - at times, even serious issues.

My complaint is not so much with these glitches, so long as they are eventually resolved. It is that they do not appear to care about the customers at all. This lack of customer service really disappoints me, especially when I see those ads on WW that say "Webkinz cares!" Of course they are going to have issues, and of course some of them may not be immediately fixed. I don't understand why that keeps them from having actual people responding to customers or why it allows them to shift the blame to their customers by saying that they've given out their passwords and had things stolen from their accounts. THAT is my issue; that is my complaint.

Why can't they post updates saying something like "We know some of you aren't getting your items; please contact us and we will do our best to resolve the problem in the shortest time possible. Please understand that we are working on this, but it will take some time to get things straightened out. Thank you for your patience and support."? And then actually follow through on that? Why does their website being relatively new excuse them for this lack of respect and courtesy? And how long will they be excused because the site is new? I agree with opinions here who've said they should slow down on the production of new products and spend some more time and money correcting their site. What's the good of being able to buy 100 different Webkinz if the site gives users so many problems?
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Old 02-26-2008, 03:44 PM   #148
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Default Re: A little less Complaining would be Greatly Appreciated. ♥

I agree. Ganz works really hard on webkinz and people always complain. I think the trophy odds are ridiculous though. No offense, but I think there are more threads complaining about complaining than there are threads complaining about webkinz.

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Old 02-26-2008, 04:00 PM   #149
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Default Re: A little less Complaining would be Greatly Appreciated. ♥

I am sorry if this is repeating what someone else wrote. I would love to look through all the posts, they are all so great, but unfortunately I don't have the time at the moment.

As much as I am with you, we should all complain a little less, but we pay for a service, and we expect it to run properly. I am not saying that the site should be perfect, you are right, no site is, but don't you think it is a bit much? Did you know that there were about 7 major glitches that occurred on Saturday, on top on the ones we have been battling for months. I am also sure that Webkinz does cost a lot of money to run, but think about all the money they bring in. On this site alone, my guess of the average pets per person would have to be around 25. At 10 dollars a piece, that is 250 a person. Then, times that by the nearly 70,000 people we have. And that is not even all of the people, and without the trading cards, and the charms, and anything else.

I personally think very very very few people "hate" Ganz. I am not happy with them at the moment, but I certainly do not "hate" them. I do appreciate that I have Webkinz, but I am a little fed up with the glitches. Redbear once said that he complains because she wants change, not because she thinks it is fun. I think that is something we all have in common.

Also even if they get all of those emails in the amount you expressed, it is mostly automated. My guess is that they have a system that has preset messages entered to it, and when they find keywords, they send out those replies. And even if they do have to have some real people there, its not just one, its hundreds.

I'm not at all trying to attack you. I am with you, we should be more positive, but that was just my outlook on part of it.

---------- Lilypad1394 added 1 Minutes and 39 Seconds later ----------

View Post Originally Posted by [xo] Pop-Tart
I know that it must be annoying when items go missing, but I'm sure Ganz knows about this and I see no reason to have to pester Ganz and just reming them that they too have been included in this glitch.

They must feel awful. -PT
Think about this. They are trying to work on it, but it has been at least 6 months. Do you realize that every glitch that works in our advantage is fixed within a week, but the one common glitch that has happened to the vast majority of us is still there?

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Old 02-26-2008, 04:01 PM   #150
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Default Re: A little less Complaining would be Greatly Appreciated. ♥

Yeah, there are a lot of people who are starting threads complaining about complaining. To me they are more annoying than the complaining threads.

If Ganz isn't already reading this forum, they really need to. I really doubt that they don't. There are excellent threads on this forum, with negative and positive words here.
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