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COWS4YOU01-19-2010 10:56 AM

Winterfest Dates Announced!
A new front page story has been added:

Winterfest Dates Announced!

The members have been wondering when the next Winterfest will be and Ganz has announced from Saturday, January 23rd until Friday, January 29th. They have a few activities lined up for this Winter Celebration:
  • Snow falling in Webkinz World! There will be a total of three different rewards after clicking on a snowflake
  • Contest on Webkinz Newz
  • Winterfest sales at the eStore
So get those clicking fingers ready, looks like Winterfest will be here real soon!

meandspencer01-19-2010 10:58 AM

Re: Winterfest Dates Announced!
FINALLY! I can't wait!!!!!

webkinzgranny01-19-2010 10:58 AM

Re: Winterfest Dates Announced!
Yay! I can't wait! Thanks for posting this. I have been wondering for sometime when the dates were. :)

Tula01-19-2010 11:02 AM

Re: Winterfest Dates Announced!
Yea the mystery is solved, I was beginning to think they were not going to have it this year. For all those click and win fans this is super news!

lindsay211601-19-2010 11:02 AM

Re: Winterfest Dates Announced!
Hi all :) finally lol but only 3 prizes :( so 2 food and 1 article of clothing i bet o well i cant wait :):D

4myalika501-19-2010 11:02 AM

Re: Winterfest Dates Announced!
Cool thanks me and the family was wondering about it and I was wondering about the snow woot thanks for the information!

ConchyJane01-19-2010 11:04 AM

Re: Winterfest Dates Announced!
Thanks Cows for the information!!! I was wondering if it was even coming back this year. Great news. CJ

jazzinmarch01-19-2010 11:05 AM

Re: Winterfest Dates Announced!
Hoorah! I've been waiting for a new front page article - and this is a good one! Are there hints yet as to the snowflake prizes?

adrkmfdm01-19-2010 11:07 AM

Re: Winterfest Dates Announced!
Huh only 3 prizes. Hope it isn't all food.

COONYCOON01-19-2010 11:09 AM

Re: Winterfest Dates Announced!
Only three - that might mean they will be all new prizes!!!:D:D
Looks like the rest of the week will be dedicated to laying in stores of food and giving the house a good old cleaning prior to a week of clicking!!! Thanks for announcing the good newz!

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