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View Poll Results: If WI started selling Webkinz ($14.99 USD/$15.69 CAD) and Lil Kinz ($9.99 USD/$10.44 CAD), I would.
Buy all my Webkinz from you! 547.07%
Definitely buy some Webkinz from you. 23530.76%
Maybe buy Webkinz from you. 29939.14%
Not buy Webkinz from you. 17623.04%
Voters: 764. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 07-12-2007, 05:24 PM   #131
Lil Kinz
trustn0183 is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: WebkinzInsider needs your honest opinion!

i think it's a great idea. i have so much trouble finding them in the stores(especially some of the older ones that i don't have yet) and buying online is usually expensive. i would buy from this site.
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Old 07-12-2007, 05:26 PM   #132
Ask [=
ea11 will become famous soon enough

Default Re: WebkinzInsider needs your honest opinion!

I'm not too keen about buying them on the internet... but i think the prices should go down a little bit... maybe 11.99 for webkinz and 9.99 for lil kinz.
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Old 07-12-2007, 05:28 PM   #133
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Default Re: WebkinzInsider needs your honest opinion!

View Post Originally Posted by ea11
I'm not too keen about buying them on the internet... but i think the prices should go down a little bit... maybe 11.99 for webkinz and 9.99 for lil kinz.
The thing is- WI is trying to make money, not lose it. If they lower the price they will make something like a quarter for their work, which really isn't good to run a site on.
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Old 07-12-2007, 05:32 PM   #134
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Default Re: WebkinzInsider needs your honest opinion!

I think if you had pre 0rders as well...that would be a positive thing too.
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Old 07-12-2007, 05:33 PM   #135
Webkinz :)
Minivintage is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: WebkinzInsider needs your honest opinion!

As a retailer (not the one in NY) I obviously have concerns about this.

I would personally prefer a yearly fee; if you have one retailer supplying Webkinz to everyoine on this site, then it is unfair to all the retailers who are also collectors and who are members here.
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Old 07-12-2007, 05:39 PM   #136
Please ask me
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Default Re: WebkinzInsider needs your honest opinion!

I think that is a little pricey unless it includes shipping. However, I would buy a couple just to support the site. I would be more interested in buying if I had the option to pre-order seasonal Webkinz. That would be worth the premium.
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Old 07-12-2007, 05:41 PM   #137
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Default Re: WebkinzInsider needs your honest opinion!

I would buy some. It really depends on shipping. I have most of them so only select types would even interest me. I would buy trading cards, and mouse pads though.
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Old 07-12-2007, 05:42 PM   #138
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Default Re: WebkinzInsider needs your honest opinion!

View Post Originally Posted by GrannySalty
You could also accept donations.... I know many sites have done that. I believe Photo Bucket started that way (if I can remember back that far) and some other sites too. I think you have enough adults on this site that would donate to keep this great site up and running! You could use a Paypal account to accept donations. I think the personal accounts aren't charged a fee for money received.

Good Luck with whatever you decide!
Thanks for this suggestion. I'd considered it awhile back, but had seen enormous fallout here on WI regarding elubin's choice to take donations that I had scratched the idea totally.

View Post Originally Posted by queenie
I'm really flexible and would buy from and support a WI purchase site, and maybe you could not limit to just one retailer! I have a very close friend in Tennenesee that would love to also be a co-sponsor, if you wiill. Maybe you could incorportate several retailers, in serveral major regions, that would help to offset shipping-would be more regional! I would also be more than willing, as one of the adults, altho I don't always act it, to contribute monetarily!
The thing is, we'd be striking a legal partnership with this retailer and they would be taking a risk by ordering Webkinz by the 1,000s. Once I build the system, they would be maintaining the inventory, shipping and customer service. It would be very confusing to have multiple retailers with differing amounts of stock and funneling payments to the right retailers.

View Post Originally Posted by Kayka05
I think what everyone needs to keep in mind is that by buying Webbies here, some of them, if not all, they'd be helping to keep WI up and running. Instead of collecting donations, the admins are offering a reasonably priced Webkinz from a legitimate retailer - it might be more $$ than you spend on your local store's webbies, but you are keeping this website afloat. So you don't buy ALL your webbies here - I am all in favor of supporting local, non-chain businesses in your own community - but by making ANY of your purchases here you might just keep this site from going subscription.
Great idea. I'd probably just buy a couple from you, to help out, but I'd rather do that than pay a membership fee or something like that.
This is exactly correct and why we decided to consider this opportunity when it was presented to us. In addition, that is why the cost is higher. The retailer makes about 2-5 cents on the dollar from Webkinz sales at $12.99 each. The additional price premium would go straight to WI. Thank you for understanding what we're trying to do!

View Post Originally Posted by jkp197072
I wouldn't buy them from you. Because here,they sell Webkinz for 9.99! And they sell lil'kinz for 7.99! They are more cheap here. And you wouldn't have to pay shipping and tell them your adress.I wouldnt buy them from you. They are cheaper here in houston.
We're not trying to be competitive from a price standpoint, as both the retailer and WI both have a stake in the revenue.

View Post Originally Posted by Frosty_Mamuta
A rat forum that I belong to accepts donations from it's members. It is not required, but much appreciated to help keep the forum up and running. They also host a Cafepress store with merchandise that members can buy with the forums logo/name on items.

When the members just send in a donation, they give the members more storage space on the photo area of the forum and also put a little siggie such as "I donated" under their username so everyone knows they are helping to support.

Just some ideas from what I have seen on other sites that I belong to.

I've considered this, as well... But again, with the fallout from elubin, kids would be upset that adults get special "stars" or "titles" that are unattainable because they could not convince their parents to donate.

View Post Originally Posted by mishl486
I currently pay 12.99 for the webkinz at a local store (and no shipping charges) so unless there was a really hard to find webkinz that the store had, I would probably still buy locally
Again, we're not trying to be price-competitive here. The retailer is not going to sell their Webkinz at a loss to be price competitive AND share revenue with WI.

View Post Originally Posted by KinzQueen
I think you have a really good idea, but in general I prefer to buy Webkinz locally. I might buy one from you, because I think your site is really cool, and as I know a lot of sites lose money right as they are becoming such great additions to the web, it would be awful to see WI go.
Thank you very much!

View Post Originally Posted by mybutterflygirl
My sentiments exactly. I answered No in the poll. $20 is too much to pay for one webkinz. Sorry. I'm just trying to be honest. I enjoy this site, and visit daily. But, I don't pay for any site. I refuse to when there are so many available for free. If I was ever forced or pressured to pay for the site, I would just not continue my membership. There are other great webkinz sites available that are free.

I think that to support this site, you should just find legitimate advertisers. The advertising that you are using now is interfering with my ability to use WI as it is. It is becoming very frustrating the past couple of days, and it has limited the amount of time I have spent here as a direct result of the current advertising technical problems.
I've tried every avenue for advertising. Nearly every ad network has denied us because we are a "kid's site". Our click through on the Google Ads is abysmal. I'm not allowed to say exactly how bad without violating my terms of service, but suffice it to say that it is FAR less than you could imagine with the amount of traffic that we generate.

View Post Originally Posted by Frosty_Mamuta
To add to my post....

I voted 'would buy some'. Depending on the price and the rarity of the Webkinz that I want, would determine if I purchased one from WI's retailer. Shipping would have to be reasonable.

I am a bargin hunter and locally I can purchase a full size Webkinz for $11.99 at a teachers supply store. So that is the price of your Lil' Kinz.

I agree with others that you need to find a more competitive supplier.

This retailer is competitive in their area and the higher price is attributed to WI's share in the revenue, not the retailer's actual price. I'm sure that our retailer would sell on WI for the price they sell in their store, but WI would see no sharing of revenue.

View Post Originally Posted by Lizzy
I wouldn't buy them. I agree with MamaDoh. The prices are more than I'm paying now, plus shipping and handling. A place to donate to the site would be okay, and maybe a shop with items to buy in it that you could go to on the site (maybe with WI logo items as suggested above) would be okay. And, as some have mentioned, this may be taking away some of our members business. Just my thoughts.
First of all, this retailer is a member of WI. As far as our members' business, we've never charged them a cent for advertising on our forum and if they're here just to make sales on WI, that's not what the forum is for.

View Post Originally Posted by aselena
At $500/month you are talking $6000 per year. That would be less than $1 per person to use the site and no need to sell webkinz. A small donation or fee seems much easier or either ask each member to click on "x" number of ads per day since those will pay the site per click.
Well, I can't ask anyone to click on ads, as it's a violation of my TOS with Google Adsense. Also, it's $500/month starting next month. Who knows what it will be next month or the month after? Remember, we started this site in late March on $6/mo hosting and less than 4 months later, it's $500/mo.

View Post Originally Posted by Kayka05
You could do ad free for those who donate, and click
ads for those who choose not to. Or they could have one-day access for a big click-through ad.

I'm surprised so many people would be unwilling to make a one-time or infrequent purchase to keep the site going.
As am I. It's very discouraging. Interesting idea on ad free for donations

View Post Originally Posted by kinz09
Would it become manditory to buy from WI? Or is it just a way to earn money, while helping people out? I think its a great idea, although I do not think I will be able to buy from WI. I think youd get a huge response, but was wondering if I did not buy, will I be unable to access WI anymore? Thats a great idea to earn money, and I hope it works out !
No, not mandatory in any way. Just a way to us to help members by providing a reliable service and hopefully to help us out.

View Post Originally Posted by Tula
Oh my I think having those webkinz here could cause some issues you may not realize that could create some problems. What happens when you run out of one everyone wants. How will you decide who gets what when the numbers are low on certain ones. This will add a whole new dimension to your site that will create a lot of work for you. Plus you will have to have a decent check out section and you can't sell without people's personal information which puts the site at risk. I think that is something I personally would not want to get into.

I feel if people really like this site they would not mind paying a small annual fee to join. That is what one of the websites I am a part of does.

You will then have to change the site to a place of business, you will pay taxes on each item you sell here. So what are you actually saving?
This would be a full-fledged webstore. With real-time inventory, etc. It would be managed by the retailer based on their stock levels and they would fulfill all the orders. The site would be https:// (secure), etc. What I'm talking about here is "the real deal", not a hack attempt to make a few extra $$.

View Post Originally Posted by soeluckydmg
I was just wondering how you could provide enough stock. It seems so many internet stores already online can not even get any inventory no less have enough of them. I would worry that they ones they get could possibly be older ones that the majority of people already have. I know of several local stores that are only getting about 20 of the newer ones in a shipment. I also feel that a membership fee or paypal donation program could work. I know that several websites that I visit run on contributions and when the cost of the website is met they thank everyone and start again next year. I would rather donate 10.00 then have to purchase a webkinz and pay shipping. I would feel much more comfortable donating directly.
That is part of this query from our users, to address potential numbers for our retailer to put in an order for Ganz. Membership fee would be difficult, given the number of children on our site.

Also, during this response, WI has just been approved for Yahoo Publisher Network! It's something that I've been waiting 2.5 months for and the e-mail just came in. This is a similar program to Google Adsense, where we are paid on a per-click basis, but Yahoo supposedly pays a much higher rate! I'm excited, but with the way Adsense has performed, am not very hopeful.
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Old 07-12-2007, 05:42 PM   #139
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Default Re: WebkinzInsider needs your honest opinion!

we would buy some...hey, there are four of us with habits to supports.....
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Old 07-12-2007, 05:47 PM   #140
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Default Re: WebkinzInsider needs your honest opinion!

It looks like from the polls, that this may not be the way to earn the money needed to keep this website going.. We all love this site and don't want to see it gone. I, for one, am not in the market to make any big purchases of webkinz, maybe one or two more and that is it....... and as the people have stated the price is more than we pay and then there is shipping also to consider.

Do you think it is time to charge a fee for the great service you bring us? I would be willing to pay to be a member of this website.......If you can get 500 people to pay 1-2 dollars a month maybe that is the solution. I know you want us all to be able to come here, but you do need money to meet expenses.

I am still thinking of any way for you to earn money to keep this site open to all of us...... Most of us come here directly from Webkinz site and enjoy the comradeship here more. We DONT want to see it go......We all need to come up with a solution............

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