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PaperButterfly04-15-2009 01:52 PM

[ GUIDE ] Webkinz Jr.
Tuesday, 9/15/09 --- Fall is in WebkinzJr.! The trees have changed colors and the leaves are fallen on the ground - very pretty!

I'd like to introduce you to our new friend. I took my young son to our local Hallmark store to pick out his favorite Webkinz Jr. He picked up the orange kitty and it was love at first site. He wouldn’t let him go (except to let the nice cashier ring him up) and hugged him all the way home.

We named out little kitty Pumpkin. OK, my son named the little guy Pumpkin and mommy went along.

Make sure to also visit jessicabarnhart’s awesome Guide to all the Games and School Activities you can play. She has lots of great in game pictures. See all the games in action.

Guide to Games and School Activities in Webkinz Jr.

Pumpkin wants to help you find things quickly:

Post #1
I. Webkinz Plush
II. Adoption Gift - Pets and Special Items - Adoption Box Surprise
III. Your House
----1) Front of House - Garden - Newspaper
----2) House Map
----3) Playroom - Decorating
----4) Kitchen - Stove - Sink
----5) Bathroom - Bathtub - Sink - Toliet
----6) Bedroom - Sleeping - Dresser - Bookshelf
----7) Backyard

Post #2
I. Places to Go Map
II. The Caring Center
III. W-Shop
IV. The Playhouse
V. Playground
----1) Slide, Swing, Sandbox
----2) Hide & Seek
----3) Letter & Number of the Week
----4) Park Challenge
VI. School

Post #3
I. Painting the Outside of Your House
II. Gardening
III. Decorating Your House
IV. Toy Box in the Playroom Games

----1) Doll Dress Up
----2) Soccer Ball
V. TV shows on TV in Playroom
VI. Dr. Paws

Post #4
I. Earning Coins in Webkinz Jr.
II. W-Shop Price List
III. Parents Options

Webkinz Jr. Plush: Pumpkin’s Friends:

Here are Pumpkin’s friends he would love for you to adopt and love.

Available plush as of 4/14/09


Pumpkin would like to show you around his house and neighborhood. He’s so excited about his new house. The house is brand new so Pumpkin hasn’t had much time to decorate yet.

The hand in the pictures is the in game cursor. It is on items that you can click on to open or perform a task.

Adoption Gift Box for Your Pet:

When you first log into your account you should get your pet’s adoption box. The gift box should be in the room the object belongs in. Just click on the box to open it.

You special food will go automatically into the kitchen. It will be on the counter. Right now you only get one of your special food items. Therefore once you eat it - it it is gone and it is not available in the w-shop as of yet.

The special furniture should be displayed in the corresponding room. If not, click on the decorating icon (icon to the left of the house icon) and then click on the object in the room and you should be able load it. Example: Orange kitty comes with the orange couch. The gift box was in the play room. (Thanks to Ebabe for the information.)

***If you are having any problems, contact Ganz by e-mail through the customer service option on the main Webkinz Jr. page or by phone 1-866-932-5469. They reponded to my lack of a kitty couch within 24 hours and were able to load it into my account.

Pets and Their Special Items:


Adoption Box Surprise:


Front of House:

Come on over and visit. Here is the front of Pumpkin’s house. Pumpkin just loves blue.

Blue is also the default color – you can buy paint in the w-shop to change the color.
Clickable items:
1) the garden – you need to buy seeds at the W-shop
2) the newspaper – you can read the daily news.

Pumpkin just planted his first flower seeds. He’s excited to watch them grow.

Clickable Items:
1) shovel – digs up a flower
2) rake – rakes covers the seeds after first plant
3) watering can – waters flower. So far the garden tools seem to work similar to the ones in WW. (Thanks to webkinzaddict1 for the flowers bloomed picture)

It takes 3 days of watering every day for the flowers to bloom.

Pumpkin reads his newspaper to find out all the exciting things going on in his neighborhood. The topic changes monthly.


House Map:

Here is the house map. Pumpkin enjoys his 4 big rooms. The mailbox leads you to the front yard. The rainbow colored gate leads you to the backyard.


Clickable items:
1) each room of the house
2) the mailbox
3) the rainbow gate.


The play room is a fun place to play and relax.

Clickable items:
1) sofa - your pet can sit on and relax
2) toy box – toys are stored in here. Pumpkin loves his soccer ball and doll that is stored in the toy chest.

Check post #2 for games you can play with your toys.

Additional items can be placed in this room or in the toy box but need to be purchased at the W-Shop.

Check post #3 for how to decorate your playroom and W-Shop items available to decorate with.


In the Kitchen, Pumpkin can get a glass of water from the sink, cook on his stove, or get food out of the refrigerator. Whenever Pumpkin gets thirsty, he loves drinking fresh water.

Clickable items:
1) stove - works similar to stove in WW
2) sink – to fill a glass of water
3) refrigerator - stores food items (a maxium of 6 items).

To fill up your refrigerator with food - you can purchase up to 6 food items for 2 coin at the W-Shop. You can purchase food at any time but no matter how many items you buy: 1-3 items is 1 coin and 4- 6 items - it is always 2 coins.

**You can get as much water as you need to fill all of your pet's levels - happiness, hunger, health for free.

**The picture on the refrigerator can be made at the schoolhouse. Choose the easel activity and you can draw a picture with crayons, markers, paintbrush, and stamps. You then have the option of hanging it on the refrigerator. (Thanks to missy1013 for learning how to do this.)

Check post #3 for how to decorate your Kitchen and W-Shop items available to decorate with.

Pumpkin wants to learn how to cook. He is glad the stove comes with a cookbook.

Clicking on the stove automatically brings up the cookbook in the upper left corner and opens up the refrigerator to show you the food items you have.


In the Bathroom, Pumpkin loves to take a bath. He also knows how to use the toilet and wash his face at the sink. When he is finished, he smiles a big happy toothy grin.

Clickable items:
1) Bathtub
2) toilet
3) sink.
All work similar to items in WW. You can also change colors and style of items by purchasing them in the W-Shop also.

Pumpkins get ready for a brand new day by washing his face, brushing his teeth and fur at the sink

Clickable items:
1) Sink - fill and drain water into and out of the sink
2) soap dispenser and washcloth – use to wash your pet’s face
3) hairbrush – use to brush for pet’s fur
4) toothbrush and toothpaste – use to brush teeth.

Pumpkin needs to take a toilet break.

Click on the toilet to sit on it. The toilet will then make a flushing noise when you get off.

Pumpkins favorite is a bubble bath.

Clickable items:
1) shampoo – use to wash your pet’s fur
2) sponge – use to create bubble from the shampoo
3) bubble bath - creates lots of bubbles in the tub
4) rubber ducky – swims around in the water.
5) shower head (on the far right) - use to rinse off all the bubbles


Pumpkin’s bedroom is a great place to nap and get dressed.


Clickable items:
1) Bed – to get into bed
2) lamp – turn light on and off.
3) dresser – to put clothes on your pet
4) bookshelf stores books you can purchase in the W-Shop – you can then read them also

Pumpkin is tired so he’s taking a nap in his bedroom. He likes to turn the lights off when he naps.


Clicking on the lamp - turns the light on and off. Clicking to turn in on will wake up Pumpkin so he's ready for the day.

Getting dressed is fun. Pumpkin likes to get dressed with a little help from you.

How to get dressed: Click on type of clothing you want from the dresser on the left. It will display all the pieces of clothing you have. Click on which one you want. If you decide you don’t want to wear that piece of clothing – click the laundry basket to take it off.
You can purchase additional clothing from the W-Shop.

Pumpkin loves to read. He has his very own bookshelf for all his books.


Click on the book you want to open it. You can purchase your books from the W-Shop.
Pumpkins want to read his ABC book with you.
The book is automatically read to you verbally and the computer turns the pages for you.


Pumpkin enjoys playing outside in his backyard. He loves jumping on his trampoline. The trampoline comes with the house and you don't need to purchase it.


There are other items you can place in the backyard that can be purchased from the W-Shop also. Pumpkin is thinking about all the neat toys he wants to put in his backyard.

Check post #3 for how to decorate your backyard and W-Shop items available to decorate with.

PaperButterfly04-15-2009 01:53 PM

Re: A Webkinz Jr. Picture Guide
Places to Go Map:

There are all kinds of cool places to visit. Here is a map to show you around. Pumpkin loves to visit the Caring Center, the W-Shop, the Playhouse, the Playground, and School.

I believe the zone under construction is going to be the Post Office.

The Caring Center:

At the Caring Center, Pumpkin loves to click on the heart to get a surprise!


Pumpkin has fun spinning the Caring Wheel. Good Luck!


The Caring Wheel works similar to the Wheel of Wow in Regular Webkinz. Push the green arrows in the center to spin.

Wheel Items:
1) Coin - 1 coin will be added to your bank
2) Flowers - flowers will bloom around the space on the wheel - no prize is awarded
3) T- shirt - a t-shirt will be added to your shirt drawer in the dresser in the bedroom for your pet to wear
4) cake - a piece of cake will be added on the counter in the kitchen - just click on it to place in on the table for your pet to eat


Shopping is fun at the W-Shop (works similar to WW’s W-shop).

Most items cost between 2-5 KC. The more expensive items such as furniture are 8-12 KC. Check Post #3 for a breakdown of prices.

Pumpkin loves to read and buys his first book at the W-Shop. You purchase one item at a time and checkout after each item.

Click the green arrow to purchase or the red X to decline the purchase.

The Play House:

Pumpkin loves to play all kinds of games in the Playhouse.

The games are suppose to rotate but I’m not sure how often and when. Each icon on the board is one game. You can earn coin by compeleting 1 level of one game. (Thanks to anjii and missy1013 for the information on earning KC).

The games include (starting on the top left)
1) Brant's Dirt Path Driving - help collect the tools needed to finish the sandcastle
2) Nutmeg's Acorn Adventure - help collect all the acorns
3) Rosie's Cupcakes - hlep Rosie bake and frost yummy cupcakes
4) Worm Search - help find the hiding Letter Worm

For lots of cools pictures and details on all the cool games please viist jessicabarnhart's awesome guide.

Guide to Games and School Activities in Webkinz Jr.


On a pretty day, Pumpkins enjoys playing on the playground.


Clickable items:

Fun on the playground:
1) slide - Watch your pet fly down the slide with a fun "Weee"
2) swing - You swings up high in the sky
3) sand box - Watch your pet have fun digging in the sand box.

Playground activities:
1) Kenny the Moose - Play the Park Challenge
2) the letter on the tree - Play the Letter of the Day actiivty (can earn 1 coin each time you play)
3) the number on the tree - Play the Number of the Day activity ( can earn 1 coin each time you play)
4) Sign with bear covering eyes - Play Hide and Seed with your Pet

Pumpkins zooms down the slide. It’s so much fun.


Swinging back and forth is fun! Whee!


I can dig in the sandbox too.


Number of the Week Activity
Click on the number on the far right tree to play the number of the week game.

Click on all the numbers to earn 1 coin. The total number of numbers to click depends on the number of the day. For example. The number of the day is 4 so you need to click on 4 of the number 4s.

Letter or the Week Activity
Click on the letter on the far right tree to play the letter of the week game.

For Preschool Level and Under
The letter activity is played with the letter itself.

Click on all the letters (usually 5) to earn 1 kinz coin.

For Kindergarden and Enriched Kindergarden levels
The letter of the day game is played with objects.

Click on 5 objects that start with the letter of the day to earn 1 kinx coin.

Hide and Seek Activity
Hide and Seek is fun. Pumpkin loves to hide. Click on the pet hiding his eyes sign that is behind Kenny the Moose.

You close your eyes (computer animated – screen goes black for a moment) and you pet is hiding from you. He can be hiding just about anywhere. All the possible places are labeled. Just click on the object to find your pet. If you don’t find him right away – he waves at you from his hiding place


Pumpkin even likes school. There are lots of fun things to do.

Clickable itmes: Each center has a learning activity – the chalkboard, the instruments, the rainbow, the easel, the rocking chair, the number center, the science table, and the blocks. When you complete an activity you get a sticker to put in your sticker book. Once the KinzPost is finished, you will be able to use the stickers on letters you can send to friends. As of now I haven't seen a date when the Kinz Post is suppose to be fnished.

You can also click on Miss Lily, the teacher, at any time to repeat the instructions as as often as needed.

For lots of cools pictures and details on all the cool activities please viist jessicabarnhart's awesome guide.

Guide to Games and School Activities in Webkinz Jr.

Hope you have enjoyed the tour.

The more we play, I’ll update information and specifics . I will also post more pictures on the individual activites also. It’s still pretty new to us. But we are having fun learning!

Please post any comments, corrections, suggestions, pictures of your own, or areas you would like to see next.

Thread idea approved by FIA 4/14/09

PaperButterfly04-15-2009 01:54 PM

Re: A Webkinz Jr. Picture Guide
Painting Your House

Pumpkin thinks painting is fun. He buys different paint at the W-shop to paint his house.

To change the color of your house: Click the decorate button, then click on your house to toggle between all the different color paints you have purchased and the default blue color.



There are 4 different type of seeds you can buy in the w-shop. All seeds are currently 1 coin. After you buy your seeds, they are automatically planted in the garden for you. You will see a hole with a seed in it by the flower sign. After you buy your seeds and click on the garden, you will hear verbal instructions how to proceed. Chose the rake to cover your seed to start the growing process. Use the watering can to water your plant. Make sure to click on the very middle of the dirt pile or growing plant to rake or water it.

I'm not sure of the growing length time or if you have to water it every day for it to grow faster. I'm still learning the growing process.


Decorating Your House

Pumpkin likes to shop at the W-Shop for new furniture and things to put in his house. After you purchase your items at the W-Shop, go to the correct room and click the decorate icon (icon to the left of the house icon). Click on the item you want to change to toggle between your options.

*** The picture option that is in each room is where you can hang your trophies that you win with the games in the Playhouse. Currently you can decorate and place you trophy in a room but in will not be saved to that room. Each time you go back to a room you have to redecorate to place the trophy picture on the wall.






Currently you can have 3 toys in the backyard. The trampoline and sprinkler are the only options for those places. Only one big item (pool or swingset) fits at a time. Also only 1 tree or shrub option fits at a time in the backyard.


Other rooms coming soon!!

Toy Box in Your House's Playroom Games:
Intructions: All the instructions in game are given verbally.

Earning coins: (KinzCash): Both activites are easy activities for younger children and a quick way to earn coins also. Each time you play either with your doll or soccer ball you can earn 1 KC coin, until you have reached your 10 KC limit for the day. You can continue to play as many times as you like - you just will not earn any more coins.

The Toy Box:


Doll Dress Up:

Pumpkin has fun dressing up his doll. He liked the red outfit for his dolly today.

http://i40.tinypic.com/1z6iae.jpg How to play - click on the body part of the doll you want to dress. Each body part has several cute colorful options. You can mix and match to create many different outfits.

**Be Careful – if you do this activity too many times in a row, one right after another, your pet’s health will drop. Your pet can become sick and have to go see Dr. Paws, the doctor. (Thanks to Kippyling for the helpful reminder!)

Soccer Ball:

Pumpkin likes getting exercise by kicking his soccer ball.

http://i44.tinypic.com/122eq6w.jpg How to play – Hold down your left mouse button to move the arrow back and forth to the colored zone (it will highlight) you want to kick the ball in to. The goalie will move and either you make a goal or he blocks the ball. Most times you make a goal. :) You have to make 5 goalsl to earn 1 coin.

TV in the Playroom
Pumpkin likes to sit back and relax is his comfy chair and catch a TV show.


There are 2 cute shows to choose from, Behop and the Beats, an ABC show, and Keep in Shape with Clover, an exercise show.

Behop and the Beats


Keep in Shape with Clover


Dr. Paws

Pumpkin doesn’t feel very good. He’s sick and needs to go to see Dr. Paws.

Your pet is automatically taken to Dr. Paws.

Dr. Paws asks if you can help check out Pumpkin.


Dr. Paws asks you 3 questions about an object to examine Pumpkin with and you have to pick out the correct item 3 times. If you pick the wrong item, Dr. Paws will ask you try again. Don't worry, you can pick until you are right, and can make your pet all better!


When you choose the correct 3 items, you get a lollipop. Pumpkin happily eats it all up.


PaperButterfly04-15-2009 01:56 PM

Re: A Webkinz Jr. Picture Guide
Earning Coins in Webkinz Jr.

There is a 10 coin earning limit per day. You can play any combination of activities and game to earn this. Once you earn you 10 coins you can still continue to play all the activities but cannot earn any additional coins. (Thanks to Mom2many and lemony and missy1013 for this clarification)

Activities to Earn Coins
(Thanks to missy1013, anjii, and kiyogirl for the information)

1) Toys from W-Shop – Doll & Soccer ball - Quick Coins Earners

Playing with either toy earns you one coin.

Dress up Dolly: For dressing up the doll, you do not have to complete any certain number of levels or times playing.

Soccer Ball: You just have to score 5 goals, which is pretty simple, to earn 1 coin.

2) Letter & Number of the Week - Quick Coins Earners

These are activities are located at the playground.

Click on the number and letter on the tree that is on the far right of the screen.
Playing one round of each game earns you 1 coin.
How to play: for either activity, click on the numbers, letters, or pictures that begins with the letter of the week. After you click on all 5, you earn 1 coin.

3) Playhouse Games

You can earn one coin for playing each game. You only have to complete one level for each game to earn a coin.

Preschool level:
Rosie's Cupcakes: Play one game of making 3 cupcakes.

Nutmeg's Acorn Adventure: Play one game catching 15 acorns.

Worm Search: Play one game
finding and catching Inchworm 4 times.

Brant's Dirt Path Driving: Play one game of picking up 2 of each of 5 tools.

W-Shop Prices List
For each type of items there is usually 3-4 options.

Beds: 8-10 KC
Dresser: 3-5 KC
Lamp: 3 KC

Sofas: 5 KC
TV: 5-6 KC
Toy box: 3-4 KC

Table & chairs: 4-5 KC
Sink & Counters: 2-3 KC
Stove: 5-7 KC
Refrigerator: 4-6 KC

Mirrors: 1-3 KC
Bathtubs: 5-7 KC
Sinks: 3-4 KC
Toliets: 2 KC

Paint (for your house) 2 KC
Trees & bushes: 2 KC
Outside toys: 2-8 KC
Seeds (for you garden in the front yard) 1 KC

For you Pet:
Toys: 3 KC
Books: 2 KC
Clothing: 1-3 KC
Hats & Shoes 2 KC

list updated 4-15-09

Parent Options

To access the parent section to change ability levels – click on the Options button in the top right hand corner of the screen (cursor hand is pointing at it). You can then change the levels for the different sections - art, language, math, mouse control, music, puzzle skills, science, social skills, and visual discrimination .

** Click on the Levels icon to save changes.



FIA04-15-2009 02:57 PM

Re: A Webkinz Jr. Picture Guide
Fantastic guide! Thank you for putting it together. :)

pink955004-15-2009 04:09 PM

Re: A Webkinz Jr. Picture Guide
Great guide! Very Informative

Mom2many04-15-2009 10:23 PM

Re: A Webkinz Jr. Picture and Informational Guide
Wonderful thread! Great Job!

Icicle04-16-2009 09:24 PM

Re: A Webkinz Jr. Picture and Informational Guide
Great guide!
I love seeing all the pictures, makes me want to actually buy one now even though it is for little kids.

webbiemum04-16-2009 09:49 PM

Re: A Webkinz Jr. Picture and Informational Guide
Is it just me or is Webkinz Jr. alot cooler than webkinz in alot of ways....like..being able to see the outside of your house...lights turning off...getting water from the sink and stuff like that.....

charming04-16-2009 11:57 PM

Re: A Webkinz Jr. Picture and Informational Guide
thanks for this. We can't even get into my sons acct.

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