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Dixiecup09-29-2018 01:12 PM

Halloween 2018 Challenge
There will be a Challenge beginning in October to complete some tasks and win really cool prizes. I will update when we know more about the prizes and what the requirements are, but for now, here is a sneak peek at some of the neat prizes. I am thinking that last one might even be a Fridge.


mom of 2 teens09-29-2018 06:16 PM

Re: Halloween 2018 Challenge
Thank you Dixiecup for posting this.

There are 3 steps for this challenge:

STEP 1 of the challenge is as follow

Find a costume for Webkinz. Spend
250 Kinzcash at the KinzStyle Outlet.

Plan your route for Trick or
Treating! Earn 80 Kinzcash playing
Zacky's Quest.

This is fun! Spin the Wheel of Wow
3 times.

Prizes for this step is the
Halloween Wall Hanging (Jack-o-lantern with the black cat on it's head)
Spooky Bunch of Balloons

STEP 2 is as follows

Trick or Treat Tabby! Complete any
6 Jobs at the Employment Office.

Trick or Treat Ms. Cowoline! Sign up
your pet for any 10 classes at the
Kinzville Academy

Trick or Treat Amanda! Make 5
Wishes of the Day at the Wish

Prizes for the step is the
Candy Bowl Fridge
SuperMega Toothbuster

Step 3 is as follows

Collect as much candy as you can...
Earn 120 Kinzcash playing Pinky's
Big Adventure at the Arcade.

Just a couple more houses before
we go...ask your friends for 20

Let's call it a night... Earn 200
Kinzcash playing Home Before Dark
at the Arcade.

Prizes are
Spooky Ghost Plushy
Potted Maple Tree
Festive Pumpkin Wreath

blueguy10-06-2018 07:08 AM

Re: Halloween 2018 Challenge
Or you can click on to see it: Halloween Challenge 2018 - Webkinz Insider Wiki



mom of 2 teens10-06-2018 08:24 PM

Re: Halloween 2018 Challenge
Thank you Blueguy I looked and could not find it, I just was looking in the wrong area.

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