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danahere207-04-2007 10:06 AM

My letter to Ganz ~ virtual trading cards
I got an e~mail from them and called the number. I talked to the guy and told him pretty much what I said in my letter. He kept saying that the codes and gifts are a BONUS, not what the product was intended for. It was intended for kids to buy 10 packs, to play the game. Not to try and collect every piece of each theme and unlock the prizes, or for KIDS to unlock the prizes. They don't expect kids to spend the kind of $ some of us have. I said something about most of the prizes not being worth the money spent on the cards., and he said that is was just random. I KNOW that.............. what I mean was......... WHY do you even HAVE to include the gack, the W~shop outfits, the minimal amounts of KC, etc. If you are going to include the codes, at least make them worth while for the kids. What kids wants to spend 4.00 and get gack. He kept going on and on about the cards and collecting them and playing the game. I told him that the majority of the people really don't care about the cards. We are trying to get the themes and unlock the prizes. blah, blah, blah......brick wall. he acted like there wasn't any choice but to have the gack etc. as a prize. I asked WHY they had to include those in the choices at all...... they had to program in what the prizes were, in the first place...... don't include those kinds of things. He tried to say that Webkinz was based on an economy and they have to keep the balance. HUH?????? It's a VIRTUAL game and play area for KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!! He also kept saying, over and over, that the codes were like playing the lottery, you just take your chances. Again, I said, but this is for KIDS............... personally, I think we have better chances with the lottery!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do have the # of the supervisor. I haven't called her yet. Not sure anything will do any good.

After spending over $500.00 REAL money on these cards...... and STILL not opening all the prizes......... I shot off a letter to Ganz this morning................. I posted here just so that I can blow off a little more steam. I'm so ticked!!!!

( a section of my letter was partially copied from other people but changed to suit what I needed to say, thanks if It was your post I used)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
Let me start off by saying that I truly enjoy playing Webkinz and watching my kids play…………… However………………
I have a huge…… no…… HUGE complaint about your virtual cards and their prizes.
I was under the assumption that Webkinz was a site for KIDS to come and play and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately I feel that the public has been WAY mislead.
I as a parent have been helping my kids complete their virtual binder to unlock the “great” prizes that you are offering for completing a set of cards. So far we have spent OVER $500.00, not in kinz cash, but REAL money. And we still need Three Webkinz Doodlez cards ( Kinzville homes, Dragon Bed and Goober ) to complete the final set and unlock the grand prize trophy that you feel is worth over $500.00.
I am NOT alone in the amount I have spent. I am in contact with several hundred other parents that are on Webkinz, and they have either spent more than that or are on their way to spending that, or have just gotten so frustrated that they have given up. I myself am giving up. I will not buy any more cards just to receive a window that I don’t think is a very good prize or a trophy, that although, I would really like to have, isn’t worth another 100.00. The last 20~30 packs of cards I’ve opened I haven’t gotten one of the three I need. From my calculations and compared to those of others this is how we estimate the prizes to be given out……………………….

50% of the codes produced cash and coupons. One time only the amount was over $1000 kc, most of the time the kc was below 200

40% of the codes produced groceries, outfits, recipe items, regular dice packs, and exclusives, all of which I can get with out paying 4.00 for a pack of cards.

That leaves 10% giving new items.

( This doesn’t include the few times I’ve heard that you get gack )

I believe that as big of a company as Ganz is you could be a little more giving and generous with VIRTUAL items!!

It also wouldn't hurt you to give away decent prizes in each and every pack. These are intended for kids, and I think more kids will be disappointed with the items they unlock with the special codes than not. It almost seems like some of the "prizes" are intended to be booby prizes. Well, when you are spending real money for virtual items, and doing it mainly for children, I just feel there shouldn't be ANY booby prizes at all. Every pack of cards should produce prizes that make the children happy. Otherwise, where is the motivation for purchasing these cards? Just the fact that you need to fill entire binders and categories to get really special prizes should be enough to keep people interested in purchasing them. If I thought there were great gifts in every pack, I would keep buying them, and trying to fill my binder. Now, not so much enthusiasm for buying cards that are going to fill my dock with w-shop clothes, food, and coupons. There shouldn't be such a gamble when you are purchasing children's trading cards. My children have to work for their allowance. With their list of chores, they only get up to 10.00 a week. If you had a child and they spend 4.00 of their money on a pack of card and only got a w shop outfit or 67kc……. How would your child feel and how would that make YOU feel????

Help me understand the logic of not giving a child break...........These are virtual items and have NO real cash value. How does it hurt your mulit~million dollar company to give stuff out that keeps the kids happy??????

By the way……….. we have over 170+ Webkinz in our household.

Dana Gore

07-04-2007 10:11 AM

Re: My letter to Ganz ~ virtual trading cards
wow. that's powerful, and although i haven't spent that much money yet, i feel the same way with just the money that i have spent. good job, and thanks for sticking up for us! i get average of one pack a week, and when they have one code that gives you a small bag of groceries(!) that makes me so angry. i mean, i could've spent 40 or so KC to buy that, instead of the $3-$4 that the packs cost.

Pupspawz07-04-2007 10:11 AM

Re: My letter to Ganz ~ virtual trading cards
wow you are right about the prizes !!!!!!!!!!

bawtneez07-04-2007 10:13 AM

Re: My letter to Ganz ~ virtual trading cards
Wow... way to vent!! Very well put.. Ive only bought about 20 packs between my sister AND me.. ive had about 16 shes had about 4-10... OK maybe about 30... LOL... anyways... dana.... im going to PM you something ok.. please look there in a minute!!!

pandababy12307-04-2007 10:13 AM

Re: My letter to Ganz ~ virtual trading cards
yea i totally agree....i have like 20 packs of cards and so far i only got $ under $200

07-04-2007 10:14 AM

Re: My letter to Ganz ~ virtual trading cards
If you make a petition with all the people who agree with this, sign me up!

FobRocks0407-04-2007 10:16 AM

Re: My letter to Ganz ~ virtual trading cards
It's good that you enjoy webkinz too. Webkinz isn't just for kids it's for anyone, and I'm glad you are telling all of WebkinzWorld," Hey, I'm a mom and I enjoy webkinz as much as my kids". That's powerful. I'm only {edit}, but that takes guts, dude.

Please do not post personal info. If you are under 18, for your safety please do not post your school, city, age, e-mail address, etc. If you're old enough to vote, you're on your own. Thanks! ~the Ducky

07-04-2007 10:25 AM

Re: My letter to Ganz ~ virtual trading cards
Now that is what I call a QUALITY post. Thanks points to you. I do agree with most of your issues.

I am also one who is missing the doodlez cards (2 of them....#1 and #8),...but just like the other cards, I have duplicates of doodlez such as: 3 dragon beds, 2 Dr Quacks, and 2 Zingos.

I dont know if Ganz is trying to make this more that just a kids educational /learning site, and more of a corporate money making capitalistic entitiy. I love webkinz...and webkinzinsider is great.

If Ganz just let people trade their virtual trading cards, this would help

infoarch07-04-2007 10:34 AM

Re: My letter to Ganz ~ virtual trading cards
Nice letter, danahere2.

I bought a few packs of trading cards for my nieces and nephew, but I was turned off when I read other people's experiences with not getting great prizes and didn't even give end up giving the cards to them. I didn't see any reason to whet the kids' appetites by getting one or two pieces of one of the furniture themes (if they got lucky) when there is no way could their moms or I justify spending that much money to complete the theme or get the other virtual do-dads. Plus my sisters would NOT have appreciated having to endure the kids begging to buy more in hopes of doing so. I'm just going to list the packs I bought on eBay. Obviously, it is a good marketing strategy for Ganz - you get hooked and end up spending hundreds of real dollars to "finish."

Same goes for the charms - we'll never see a bit of the charm forest, much less whatever you get for getting all 24 at a cost of $75 for the entire set (though I guess that is relatively cheap compared to what you have to spend to complete the trading cards!).

schoolgirl3307-04-2007 10:41 AM

Re: My letter to Ganz ~ virtual trading cards
I agree 100%. I too am a mother of two children who are in love with Webkinz. We have all the animals except for cheeky cat and dog. They love the special gifts that come with the different animals. We are also collecting the trading cards. We have unlocked everything except for the doodles house and dragon online. Funny thing to me is- we actually own those cards in person. My daughter is SO frustrated with this we too are giving up. And if a second edition comes out we will not even give it a shot!

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