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Webberlily10-18-2008 02:06 AM

[ GUIDE ] Christmas (Figurine) Ornaments 2008
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It was a really exciting day for me when I walked into my local Hallmark store, and saw... the new Christmas Tree Ornaments! All 24 of them! They were on the rack among the Series 1 and 2 Figurines, and the packaging is similar. If you go shopping for them, keep a sharp look-out. Retailers may not think of them as ornaments, and may tell you that they don't have them. This is what they look like:


A few FAQ's:

Cost: I paid $5.49 at Hallmark in Canada. Prices will vary.

How many do you need?: One will unlock the tree and catalogue. I would let a young child choose his 3 favourite ornaments. A teen-ager could have 5 or 6. Only the die-hard collectors need get the whole set. Since each ornament unlocks 3 virtual ones, you only need to get a few to enjoy all the features. I have written this guide to help you make the best choice of your favourite ornaments according to everyone's varying tastes.

The Tree: It occupies 4 squares in the room. There will be pictures at the end of this guide. It can be moved from one room to another, and into an underwater room, but it won't go outside. It cannot be rotated. It can only hold 5 ornaments, one garland, one topper and one base at a time. You can change these endlessly, and the interface is very user-friendly.

Animations: Some of the ornaments have a degree of animation. The lights flicker and twinkle, the butterflies flutter around, and so on. Very pretty. NEWZ! Click HERE for more detail.

Kinzpost? Trade?: No and no. You also cannot put individual ornaments in your dock. They go directly into the tree-decorating work space. Only the tree itself can go in your dock, but you still can't mail it.

Duplicates: ...don't count. You will get 250 kc for a duplicate. Put duplicates on a different account.

Newz! Spreadsheetz attached! IvyKinz made a great printable guide for your next shopping spree. You'll find it at the bottom of this post.

Buy one ornament and bring it home. Yep! one is all you need at this point. When you enter the code in the Code Shop, you unlock the Tree and it goes into your dock (you also unlock 3 virtual ornaments, more on that later). Now place the tree in any room, and click on it. This will open the Tree Decoration work space which looks like this:


Click on the Ornament Catalogue, second down on the left side. There are 26 pages! Here are pages #1-2:


On page #2, the ornament "All Decked Out Zangoz" at the top, illustrates the ornament that you buy at the store and that you can hang on your real tree. You get 3 virtual ornaments when you unlock the code: one that looks exactly like the real ornament, and the other two that are illustrated at the bottom of the page. In this case, if you purchased Zangoz, you will get Luxurious Lighting (which is a garland) and the ornament Holiday Ms Birdy.

Ah! but maybe you purchased Best Present Dog? or Christmas Parade Panda? Here they are on pages #3-4:


Best Present Dog ornament will come with a virtual version of itself, along with the starry Classic Christmas Topper (for the top of the tree) and the ornament of Stained Glass Plumpy.

Christmas Parade Panda comes with the virtual version of itself along with Kinzville Christmas (for the base of the tree) and the Wacky Zingoz ornament.

And so on, you get the idea! Pages #5-6:


Isn't that sweet? red mittens garland... how adorable!

Pages #7-8:


Look! It's the Cookies for Santakinz Cow Ornament! the famous brown cow that everyone has been speculating about! It will be one of the new December plushies also.

Pages #9-10:


Note on page #10, that the "Have A Wacky Christmas Zingoz" comes with a Tree Base and a Tree Garland... and of course a virtual version of itself. You won't get 2 virtual ornaments if you choose this Zingoz, only one; but you will get both a base and a garland.

Pages #11-12:


Pages #13-14:


Pages #15-16:


Pages #17-18:


Pages #19-20:


Pages #21-22:


Pages #23-24:


And finally pages #25-26:


And here we have the mysterious surprise for the extravagant souls who have acquired all 24 ornaments. I have shown more restraint, :) so I can't illustrate this last step. The shadow looks suspiciously like a fireplace, and I have heard rumours of flickering flames.

NEWZ! Congrats to WI member rickyfox, who made the Breaking News with his magnificent fireplace; click HERE to see it.

Here are the choices that I have made for my tree, for today:


Notice the lovely butterfly topper. Since this is a screenshot, you can't tell but actually they fly about.
See how the castle base would look good with the castle bed or the medieval theme. OK, so I choose this set-up, click on the X to close my workspace, and return to my room. Here is the actual (or virtual) tree:


Please excuse the mess. This is just a storage room. Here is a close-up of the tree:


My reindeer looks very proud of his accomplishment, doesn't he?


So he donned his scuba equipment, and took the tree to his underwater friends, Hugh Manatee and Joe Louis the Bullfrog.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of the Ornaments Catalogue. Now you can study it at leisure, and choose your favourite items, and buy the ornaments of your choice accordingly. If I've forgotten anything, please post your questions and I will try to answer them.

It's too early to wish you all a Merry Christmas; but have a Happy Tree Decorating!

NEWZ! In your shopping frenzy, did your secret code get separated from its corresponding ornament? Don't know which ornament your code will open? CLICK HERE !

As promised, here is IvyKinz' wonderful spreadsheet with explanation. Open the attachment below (just above my siggie) and print away!
Click HERE for IvyKinz' original post which contains a screenshot of the spreadsheet.


Originally Posted by IvyKinz
You will probably want to make sure that you can fill all the decoration slots on your virtual tree. You will need to have at least one topper, one garland, one stand, and five virtual ornaments. That's a total of 8 decorations. Because you get 3 virtual decorations with each code, you would need to purchase at least 3 of the real world ornaments.


Originally Posted by IvyKinz


Originally Posted by IvyKinz
The ornaments fall into 4 groups.
Group A) The first group does not give you a second virtual ornament. Instead, you get both a garland and a base.
Group B) The second group gives you a second virtual ornament and a garland.
Group C) The third group gives you a second virtual ornament and a base.
Group D) The fourth group gives you a second virtual ornament and a topper.

In the Excel spreadsheet, I have sorted the ornaments by group. If you are only getting 3 and you want to make sure that you can fill all your decoration spots on your virtual tree, then you have the following options:

I) A:0, B:1, C:1, D:1 – you will get an extra virtual ornament
II) A:1, B:1, C:0, D:1 – you will get an extra garland
III) A:1, B:0, C:1, D:1 – you will get an extra base
IV) A:1, B:0, C:0, D:2 – you will get an extra topper

Here is a spreadsheet to help you figure it all out (attached file).

Open this file, print and enjoy! Or if you're having trouble opening the file, just CLICK HERE for the original post (you can print the spreadsheet from there too) or HERE for just the spreadsheet.

Lioness10-18-2008 02:12 AM

Re: How to have fun decorating your Tree with the NEW ORNAMENTS - with detailed CATALOGUE
This is fantastic! Thank you so much.:)

smk10-18-2008 02:30 AM

Re: How to have fun decorating your Tree with the NEW ORNAMENTS - with detailed CATALOGUE
Love it you did such a great job with all the pictures.
I have to go shopping. I have picked out my first three thanks to your wonderful guide.

Sailor10-18-2008 02:45 AM

Re: How to have fun decorating your Tree with the NEW ORNAMENTS - with detailed CATALOGUE
Wow! Fantastic post with obvious time & work going into it. Thank you so much for doing this and sharing this with us!
This makes me excited to go hunt down some Webbie ornaments for me...er... ahem...cough.. I mean, my daughter!

SunflwerGrl0410-18-2008 02:49 AM

Re: How to have fun decorating your Tree with the NEW ORNAMENTS - with detailed CATALOGUE
Wow! That is totally awesome! I may just have to get a couple when they come into the store I work at!

lilkinzgrandma10-18-2008 02:58 AM

Re: How to have fun decorating your Tree with the NEW ORNAMENTS - with detailed CATALOGUE
An awesome guide, webberlily!!! Very helpful and nicely written. I can't wait to go get me some and let the festivities begin. Thank you for sharing with us.

Webberlily10-18-2008 03:05 AM

Re: How to have fun decorating your Tree with the NEW ORNAMENTS - with detailed CATALOGUE
Thank you Lioness, smk, Sailor, Sunflowergrl and lkgrandma! you're all very kind. Yes any excuse to go shopping is always welcome! I mean gift shopping.. that's it, gift shopping for the kids, of course.:)

freebee diva10-18-2008 03:12 AM

Re: How to have fun decorating your Tree with the NEW ORNAMENTS - with detailed CATALOGUE
Wow, great job. Know I can choose which ornament I want before I head to the store to decorate my tree my way. Love the butterfly topper. I'll be getting the wreth relaxing monkey first. repped you.

Flame Boy10-18-2008 03:22 AM

Re: How to have fun decorating your Tree with the NEW ORNAMENTS - with detailed CATALOGUE
great job! thank you so much for putting this together for us! you rock :)

montana mom10-18-2008 03:24 AM

Re: How to have fun decorating your Tree with the NEW ORNAMENTS - with detailed CATALOGUE
Thank you so much for the catalog pictures! I have my wish list all ready to go shopping for which ornaments I must have! THANKS!!!

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