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dangercatsy02-25-2013 12:03 AM

Why did you close my thread?
I found my thread closed and it didn't say why it was closed.
I was kind of anoyed beacuse I was working hard on it.
I want to know why you closed it
Me posting 6 times in a row?
No reply for a while?
Only one reply by someone other than me?
Something about my pictures?
Something about my writting?
Please tell me I am worried I did something wrong

Blythe02-25-2013 12:13 AM

Re: Why did you close my thread?
There are multiple reasons a thread can be closed.
The biggest reason is inactivity. That doesn't mean you did anything wrong. :nope:
All threads close if they are not posted on in two weeks.
There could be 1000000 replies and 100000 posters on a thread or even one poster and it will still close if no posts are made on it for two weeks.

If your thread is closed for rule breaking or because it was a duplicate thread, you'll typically receive a PM saying why your thread was closed.
If you didn't receive a PM notifying you of doing something wrong, your thread probably closed for inactivity. It is a normal part of the forum, and an automated sort of deal, so there is no need to fret you can reopen your thread :thumbup:

You can reopen a thread one of two ways.
You can send a moderator/administrator a PM or you can flag your thread to be reopened.
Moderators names are listed in bold blue while administrators names are listed in bold italic red.
Shoot them a PM that says "please reopen my thread!" along with a link to the thread and they'll be happy to do so. ^.^
However, flagging is the easiest way to get a thread opened. When you PM a moderator/administrator you have to wait for them to get online and see your PM. Since they are people too, it may take a little longer than you'd like. So there is the flagging option.
When you go to your first post (or any post for that matter) there should be a little red flag under your username like this -
when you click on it, a new window should appear. Type in that window "please reopen my thread!" or something along those lines and press submit.
Flagging a thread or post is the same way you let a moderator or administrator know rule breaking is going on. It alerts a passing staff member to the problem at hand. It works the same with opening threads as well! :thumbup:

There is no need to be worried. ^.^
A staff member would have let you know if you broke any rules.
And threads are never closed for writing styles or anything like that since everyone has their own unique style! ^.^

dragonkid0702-25-2013 10:07 PM

Re: Why did you close my thread?
Has anyone posted on it in the last two weeks (14 days)? If not, then it would have closed due to inactivity.

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