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geckogurl10-19-2007 05:43 PM

WHAT IS THIS? Spooky stuff!
Okay so I was just absentmindely Doing a game on webkinz when I look over and see a fall festival add! I thought it was today so I clicked on the add,it brought me to the club houise and I went in. Then my screen in stead of the normal rooms /number of people/is the rooom full screen up came a screen with little images of all the rooms! Like a miny sucurity place or something!! I was curious so I clicked on a room. Suddenly I WAS IN A ROOM FILLED WITH ABSOLUTLY NOTHING! sooon after my pet becoming frozen in this grey empty room, an error message came up and I was looged out!! Could this be anything specail or just an error?
I am totally confused.

mckenzie200710-19-2007 08:11 PM

Re: WHAT IS THIS? Spooky stuff!

-Lilypad10-19-2007 08:15 PM

Re: WHAT IS THIS? Spooky stuff!
I will get on and check to see if that happens to me. I am guessing it is just a glitch, but I will check for you!

---------- Lilypad1394 added 2 Minutes and 0 Seconds later ----------

Okay, I check for you on the newspaper, and the ad was not clickable, so I am thinking it was one of those freak glitches, will let you know if I find something else.

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