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cmb12309-21-2009 10:13 AM

Re: What to say?
Maybe,If you help you mom around the house or clean your room ( If it isn't tidy already) Then she will be pleased. Ask her if you could possibly get something from the e-store. I would ask for furniture for your WW house! Good luck!

AsH xO09-21-2009 04:12 PM

Re: What to say?
You should get a conversation going with her, and tell her how well you're doing in school. Also, ask her how she's been and how her day was. Then, you ask her if you can get something from the eStore, and make sure that you tell her it's something inexpensive. That should work, and it works for me every time! :thumbup:

purplerocks786609-21-2009 04:23 PM

Re: What to say?
Ok so maybe you should Remind her of how good your doing in school (which I'm sure you are).
Or you could tell her how much youve helped around the house tell her that shes nice loving and everything and ask her what you want! When it was my frist time i did that and it worked!!!!!!! Maybe it would work for you! I bought a Magic Mire charm!

Hope I helped! :)
If you need more help drop me a PM or VM!

P.S. Here are somethings that are not that unexpensive:
The castle Costumes ( Really good deals you can get 2 for only 2000 points depends on what costmes you want)
Princess Outfit
Prince Outfit
Knight Suit Armor
Queen Outfit
Thinking Cap
Railway Dreams Set
Night and Day chair
Sparkling Pink Tiara
Magic Mire charms
High End Fridge
Legal room divider
Castle Turret Pack
Castle Tower
Castle Keep
Castle Gates Pack
Castle Wall Pack
Circus Floor & Wallpaper
Circus Dining Chair
Majestic Meals Dining Chair Set

THE LOWEST VALUE OF POINTS: I gotta a lot of spots for you thing for listening the CD
And much much much MORE!

QUICKJUMP09-21-2009 04:36 PM

Re: What to say?
you can help her out for a few days (if you have time) and then do real good in school (try to get extra credit) and then start conversation with her and try to change the subject to webkinz and then tell her about how much you love it and then say how much you want that estore item and tell her about how much have been helping and how good your grades are and i am sure she will buy it for you!;d

good luck!!!!!!8)

your friend

ChocolateCow09-21-2009 04:39 PM

Re: What to say?
ask her nicely, and dont be too pushy. Also, if you have the money, offer to buy it with your own money yourself. That always works for me. But i wont buy anything from the estore ever, your paying for just pixels, that dont even exist. Thats my opinion, also, it would help if you offered to help her out with chores and stuff beforehand.

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