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Old 10-21-2008, 01:07 PM   #41
Webkinz :)
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Hi Tiamo ~ I am a daycare who would love to have some of these little creatures for my kids to play with, chew on, and toss around! You could also check to see if the local children's hospital would be interested in having some for the sick children. I know my child loves to just play with the stuffies and doesn't really care about the online account. I am sure you can find some home for them!

They are just too cute for the landfill!
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Old 10-21-2008, 01:57 PM   #42
Gift Trainee
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I am an adult, but I have been out of work since last year, so money is very tight (not even mentioning what the economy is doing to everyone right now). Please know that you are not alone in your frustration. I love Webkinz, so when I earn some cash, I always put aside a little bit to buy a Webkinz plushie or other item. Over time all those "little bits" add up, and I can afford to buy something special. The trick is patience, and knowing that when you finally get enough money later, you can always get as many as you want later (or you may not even want them any more).

I have found a few ways to earn money on here-and-there jobs until I get a "real" job. I'll tell you what I do, and maybe that will give you some ideas of how you can help yourself.
- First, I babysit;
- I also "sit" with seniors (older people often don't need much help -- so I read, write, and use the computer when they are napping, and watch TV, talk with them, make snacks, and wash dishes when they are awake -- but their families like to know that there is someone in their home who can keep an eye on things and dial 911 if there is trouble);
- I got all my relatives to save aluminum cans for me and I take them to a recycling company to get a bit of cash -- the local Scout troop did that as a fundraiser and I just continued it;
- I take some of my newer clothes (that I don't wear anyway) to a consignment resale shop -- I also get designer clothing from my relatives to take to the consignment resale;
- I help kids with their homework;
- I help at my cousin's restaurant;
- I rake yards, and weed and water people's gardens (just like in WW);
- I help people run the errands they are too busy to do (like picking up their dry cleaning or getting their groceries for them when I'm going shopping anyway);
- I deliver flyers door-to-door for a local handyman.

None of these are "official" jobs -- they are things that I would probably be doing anyway for free, just to help people that I know, but since those people know that I need financial help now, they are happy to pay me "tips" for helping them out. I do other jobs too (like proofreading and secretarial work), but these are the ones that I thought might inspire some ideas for you to adapt to your own situation, depending on your age, talents, and responsibility level.

When I buy Webkinz I wait for a SALE! I sign up for the e-mail and snail-mail mailing lists at the stores that sell Webkinz and wait for the coupons and sale notices. I call and visit the stores and ask about sales.
- One of the Learning Express stores here has buckets of older plushies for half price. The Pet of the Month is always on sale there. If they get too many of an animal, they put that animal on the "bucket" list. Recently, even the Samoyed was half price! If you use their monthly coupon or go during a clearance sale, you can get them for even less! (Their regular price is $13 for the big ones and $10 for the Lil' Kinz.) Each Learning Express sets its own pricing, it's not Ganz.
- A local gift shop owner decided she no longer wanted to sell Webkinz items, so they were clearanced for 75% off. By the time I found out about it, she had only Trading Cards (Series 1), body spray, and lip gloss left. I got some of the Glam Boutique items for a dollar each, and unopened boxes of trading cards for $30. Each box of trading cards contained a virtual pet, so that was an extra value bonus. It took me all month to save up for a box (I have other bills to pay), but with 36 cards in a box I could enjoy them all month. Sadly, after a few months someone else found out about the trading cards and bought them ALL.
- Hallmark stores here have a points club you can sign up for, where you get points for buying anything in the store. After a certain number of points, you get a $$ coupon to use in the store. They also have a punch card that gives you a free Webkinz plushie after you buy 10; it all adds up over time. Some other children's clothing stores here have similar loyalty programs.
- Limited Too and Justice stores here have sale events where you can buy one (or two) plushies and get one free. They also have various coupons mailed almost monthly.
- Even the local Jewel/Albertsons food stores had a BOGO (Buy One, Get One free) sale on Webkinz this summer.
- Walgreens W-Cares animals are a good deal. I like some of the animals on my WW account to be smaller because they are naturally smaller in real life or so they can be the "kids" of the bigger animals. Walgreens also has monthly coupons you can print from your computer that give you $5 off any $20 purchase; so if your mom buys shampoo or aspirin or other things from Walgreens, your W-Cares plushie totals out to cost $2 when you use the coupon. You can often find a link for that coupon on some of the forum posts here on WI, or look for it on the Walgreens website. If your Walgreens doesn't order the plushies from their distribution warehouse, the store manager can get a few sent to him from another Walgreens store. The Walgreens near my grandmother's house always gets too many, and they end up sending bunches to the Walgreens in my town because my Walgreens always sell out too fast. I know this because I always ask about new Webkinz shipments whenever I go to any Walgreens. They are always very nice in explaining about it. The managers are used to complaints; they don't often get to talk to smiling customers like me.
- I got several of my plushies for free by attending Webkinz Day events at local stores this past spring. I went with my sister and my little niece, so we all had fun even though we had to stand in line. My little niece got me started on WW by asking me to help with her account. We can only hope that there will be another similar or even better event this spring!
- I let all of my friends and relatives know that I like Webkinz. So for birthdays and holidays I got Webkinz stuff instead of chocolate, bubblebath or socks.
- My sister tells me that Costco (I'm not a member) has 2 regular-size plushies shrink-wrapped together for $19. OK price, but hard to choose what animals you really want.
- Lastly, my favorite sources of Webkinz are the small local shops. I was shopping at some of those places even when I had a job. I got to know people who own them and work there because I visit almost every other week, and I like talking to people and asking questions. Those people know that I'm always checking on the Webkinz prices, so they let me know when the sales will be coming up, and even save a plushie for me behind the counter if they know I really want one but can't buy it yet. It's nice to have friends who would do that for you.
- I haven't purchased any from e-bay nor found any at garage sales around here, but those might be fruitful sources, too. I don't know if I'd want a webbie that has lived in someone else's house because I'd wonder if it was exposed to smoking, baby or dog drool or fleas, but that's just me.

I never had any charms until the eStore started selling them on Saturdays and Sundays, because they were already removed from retail stores when I joined WW. Now for a total investment of $12 I have unlocked all 8 levels of the charm forest and can search for charms up to 4 times a day! (I can add more for a total of 24 charms as time and money permit.) This added a whole new level of enjoyment to WW, not to mention, added KinzCash, food, and gifts. The eStore has a minimum purchase of $5, so you could buy 4 charms at once ($6 total), when 4 are offered on the same day. Or buy 2, 4, or more of the same charm -- that still unlocks the forest levels and each duplicate charm will add 250KC to your WW account.

Just keep your eyes and ears open and have a positive attitude and you'll see opportunities all around you! Good luck with your collection.

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Old 10-21-2008, 05:11 PM   #43
Webkinz :)
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Good ideas! i will have to check in with the hallmark thing!(that is my fav store because webkinz are the cheapest) i would love to babysit but have trouble finding clients to sit for. i did once though and i got $12. I WAS SO HAPPY! everyone knows i like webkinz and christmas plus my b-day is coming up soon! I am not one of the poeple howver that would give webkinz away! i love stuffed animals! they are like my pets!(only pet i ever had was a goldfish and all three died in a week) my family has a strange habit of kepping stuffed animals for lonperiods if time, like my mom had a bear form when she was 10 that is mine now and my great grandmother had a dog from her childhood that we still have!Webkinz will be around for a VERY long time for me. I WANT MORE WEBBIES!
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