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Kangapae07-29-2008 04:29 PM

underwater rooms
okay it says on the front page it says you'll be able to buy a underwater room

but then it says if its 1 of your first 10 pets you will get 1 instead of a regular room

so what im asking is if its on of your first 10 pets you will get it for free and if its your 11 or up you will have to pay for it

plz tell me if im right because i have 9 pets and i want the mannatee and the cocoa dinosaur

vraivixen07-29-2008 04:31 PM

Re: underwater rooms
exactly, as 11 and up you do not get any free rooms. 11 and up, you have to buy from then on.

Kangapae07-29-2008 04:43 PM

Re: underwater rooms
ok thats what i thought because you dont get any rooms free after the 11th pet

d847107-29-2008 04:58 PM

Re: underwater rooms
They will 1000Kc like an outdoor room :) Hope that helps you!

---------- d8471 added 1 Minutes and 41 Seconds later ----------

After the 10th pet,sorry.

S.O.S.Star07-29-2008 05:15 PM

Re: underwater rooms
If you get a Manatee or a Fish and it is one of your first 10 pets you get an underwater room free.

If it is your 11th pet or up you have to buy the Underwater room, It becomes avalable on your account after you adopt them.

Regardless what number pet it is you can buy underwater rooms after you adopt it!

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