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cajunchico01-25-2009 12:41 PM

Site is unavailable
This is my first post although I've been reading the posts for a while now.
Last week when I tried to sign into Webkinz World the site came up as unavailable. It continues to come up as unavailable although I've been able to to enter after Googling Webkinz and finding a link that takes me directly to the second page. (the one where you type in your user name and password) bypassing the page that has the E-Store, Parents infor etc. I even got out my Webkinz tags to check and retyped www. Webkinz.com and I was directed to the site Unavailable page. Does anyone know what's happening or has anyone else had the happen to them?

AtlantaBraves01-25-2009 12:44 PM

Re: Site is unavailable
Sorry, I never go to the front page. I always go to the login page from the start. It's quicker & I can't wait too long to start playing! LOL

Ilovemom61901-25-2009 12:51 PM

Re: Site is unavailable
here is a link http://mci2.webkinz.com///loader4.ph...ser&aol=0&fs=0

S.O.S.Star01-25-2009 01:38 PM

Re: Site is unavailable
It sounds like they are having a problem with their server. Hopefully they get it fixed soon.
In the meantime here is a link to webkinz world:

If that does not work here is a link to go to the alternate log in place:

Hope you can get in and have lots of fun!
~ S.O.S.Star

---------- S.O.S.Star added 0 Minutes and 54 Seconds later ----------

& you need to post in the "Hi my name is Joe" Section on the forum its what all new members should do. :)

---------- S.O.S.Star added 0 Minutes and 29 Seconds later ----------

By the way, Welcome to Webkinz Insider!

turbana18701-25-2009 04:19 PM

Re: Site is unavailable
Is this happening to everyone, or just a few? This is also happening to me. If you scroll down on the page that said that the site is unavailable, there is a little word that is also a link to the second page. It says "Log in" in tiny print. FYI. I hope they fix it though, because its quite annoying, and I didn't play for a couple days because I thought it was under matinence. :P

cajunchico01-25-2009 06:12 PM

Re: Site is unavailable
I never noticed that little log in at the bottom before.:)

SherbertBunny01-25-2009 07:01 PM

Re: Site is unavailable
I usually never have problumz

Dogluver62001-25-2009 07:02 PM

Re: Site is unavailable
I would try using another browser. With one browser, WW was unavailable. But with my new browser, I can log in fine.

Hoosier-Daddy01-26-2009 10:11 PM

Re: Site is unavailable
Had the same issue at my folks' this weekend. They had IE6 on Windows 2000. Downloaded Mozilla Firefox and it worked like a champ... YMMV, but worth a try.

ellispick01-27-2009 08:06 AM

Re: Site is unavailable
I have also been having the problems logging on. I downloaded the foxfire browser and now have been able to get on without problems.

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