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Amyloveswebkinz11-19-2019 01:10 PM

Several Problems
How is everyone doing? I’m feeling sad due to several problems happening. Some of these things are more likely not understanding certain setups & stuff like that. Some things require you use the apps to even get support.
We keep running into issues with constantly getting disconnected from the internet ever since mailing the previous iPad with a slight different iOS version back to Apple. They have all of the apps including Webkinz on there. We have the new iPad (6th Generation) & since a couple weeks ago have the newest iOS update.
One thing Sally from Webkinz on Facebook keeps saying are things we keep running into in the past with features in my account not working properly. Such as Parental Account settings. I’m not a child & my Email address is the Parent Account. The only thing is the credit card for the Deluxe Membership is my Mom’s & we know that is correct because is being charged.
I have certain handicaps which makes it too heavy to use certain devices. My brand new iPad which has Safari browser but iOS Operating System is not compatible with Adobe Flash Player.
Which when we go to webkinz .com through browser on iPad we can’t install it because of this.

We have even had Apple do Screen Share or Remote Access. Since Webkinz & most everything else is 3rd Party we have to get help from them.

Any ideas what to do?
Thank you very much for all help,

Queen of Sheba11-19-2019 11:11 PM

Re: Several Problems
How frustrating!

I'm not sure how to help! I sure hope someone on here has ideas for you!

I have an ipad and I'm able to play Webkinz through the App (mobile) version. I don't think the desktop "app" version for Webkinz is possible yet for apple products.

akoolaunt11-20-2019 04:26 PM

Re: Several Problems
Hi. Webkinz will NOT work on an ipad, and all other devices that don't recognize flash player. The browsers there don't support flash, and unfortunately webkinz uses flash. The only version of webkinz you can play on the ipad is the Mobile app from the app store, which doesn't let you do most things in webkinz world. You're not losing anything, it's just not supported there. You can only play full webkinz on a computer or laptop. It's a bummer. I'd love to play ww on my tablet, it's so convenient. I just use that for decorating and stuff. Even that is a challenge with the scrolling dock that takes forever to get through!

marnabear11-21-2019 11:43 AM

Re: Several Problems
Akoolaunt is right. Perhaps you can't afford it but there are laptops that are small and not expensive. Some don't have much memory but they would be good enough to play the regular WW or even the app for PC. You might find one for a great price on cyber Monday.

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