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Devonshire07-20-2008 11:26 PM

question about webkinz account
this may be a dumb question but i am confused about something. i got my first webkinz last christmas and have gotten many more since then. so does that mean this christmas that first webkinz will no longer be on my account or does it the account stay open with all my webkinz until the most recently purchased one expires? is that too confusing? i tried to explain it!

sn0wwhite07-20-2008 11:27 PM

Re: question about webkinz account
no, your first webkinz will be there. your account would expire if you didn't adopt any more pets for a year and the timing starts over with the adoption of each pet.

Dixiecup07-20-2008 11:35 PM

Re: question about webkinz account
That first Webbie will always remain on your account. That is the one who started it all, ;) Sn0wwhite is right, Each pet that you adopt extends the time more so that you have a long time to enjoy your pets. My granddaughter adopted a Lil Kinz Chicken onto her account this month. On the 7th was her anniversary (She got a token for this, by the way!) and now her account is further extended to the 6th of July next year! Plus she still has the original (a Chihuahua) to play with!

Devonshire07-21-2008 12:51 AM

Re: question about webkinz account
oh cool thanks snow white and dixie cup! i thought i was going to loose poor rocky the raccoon this christmas!

Livi07-21-2008 01:48 AM

Re: question about webkinz account
I'm a little confused by your question... but I will just explain it all.

When you adopted your first webkinz Christmas 2007, that means if you do not adopt another webkinz within a year, your account will expire Christmas 2008. But say you adopt another pet On June1st, 2008. Now you will have 2 pets on your account, and your account will expire June 1st, 2009. No matter how many pets you adopted, you ALWAYS keep your previous pets ( unless you make another account ). So if you adopt another pet, you WILL get to keep your other one.
As long as you don't go more than a year without adopting a webkinz, then you're fine.
Your account expires a year from the date of your last adoption. After it has been a year, you get a warning that your account is going to expire, and you get about 30 days to adopt another one.. after that, then they delete your account.
It is just a way they work accounts so that they get more money and business. They don't want all their users to only have 1-2 webkinz.

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