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Melanie1b05-19-2009 02:49 PM

Question about American/European/Japan Account
Hi. My account is set up for American Time (east coast). When I get up in the morning at 4:30 a.m. I can never access my account - it's closed and they ask me to log in later. Sometime after 6:00 a.m. it allows me to log in. If I set up a new account and select the Japan Standard time will that solve my problem at that time of the morning? It looks as if Japan is 13 hours ahead. Thanks for any help you all can give me. :beagle:

palmisland05-19-2009 02:53 PM

Re: Question about American/European/Japan Account
I think it would, but I'm not sure.

januarywebkinz05-19-2009 02:54 PM

Re: Question about American/European/Japan Account
I believe that the server is down at that time, when they preform scheduled maintenance (: So, switching the time zone would not help, I may be wrong though (:

Baby25205-19-2009 03:12 PM

Re: Question about American/European/Japan Account
Hmmmm that may but I don't think so. All it does is change the time but the website is all on one sever no matter what time. Unless they have a different sever for each time zone.

palmisland05-19-2009 03:13 PM

Re: Question about American/European/Japan Account
that might be, because I sure don't see any Japanese people in the trading room ;) .

kellykam05-19-2009 03:16 PM

Re: Question about American/European/Japan Account
I'm curious as to why at 4:30 am you are still unable to access your account. I was under the impression that server maintenance doesn't typically go on for very long, unless it's a major upgrade they are doing, in which case it is announce on the login page of WW.

I don't believe changing to a European or Asian account will make any difference for you, as all the servers go down at the same time, but I could be wrong.

Maybe someone with an Asian/European account can provide some firm details on that for you.

aibowers05-19-2009 03:35 PM

Re: Question about American/European/Japan Account
If you have an Asian account you can log into that one at 4:30am. I just got mine and I play on that until 6:30 when I can log into my American account. I can not log in my American account from 2am until 6:30am.

Collie Lover05-19-2009 04:53 PM

Re: Question about American/European/Japan Account
I am up and on my computer from 3:30-4:30 am during the week as I have an early work schedule. The US accounts are down but I am able to go on my Euro and Asian accounts.

katrinasmom05-19-2009 06:45 PM

Re: Question about American/European/Japan Account
Collie lover is correct--you can access Asian and European accounts while the US and Canadian accounts are down for daily maintenance. Occaisionally when I'm online in my Asian account in mid-day, it goes down for maintenance then.

It's nice sometimes to have an Asian account as the rares are at different times. If you are going to be gone when something is coming up in the US, you can sometimes pick it up in Asia earlier. And, when the new "click to wins" like fallfest and winterfest come on, sometimes you can really get a lot of clicks in early in the morning in Asia. One of my friends got 3-4 dozen items in Asia one night at fall fest...it was just leaf after leaf after leaf...

Webberlily05-19-2009 07:19 PM

Re: Question about American/European/Japan Account
aibowers, Collie Lover and Katrinasmom are correct. You need an Asian account, and you will be very happy with it. If you log in at 4:30am EST, it will be 2:30pm In Japan. Asian time is 14 hours ahead of North American EST. Europe would work almost as well since it would be 9:30 am at that time. Go for Asian since the rares will be offered around that time. There is no maintenance to speak of on the Asian or European account (2 minutes at 2am KT).

There is an Asian thread where you can hang out and ask your questions:


and mathmom2's famous Q & A:


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