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eroberts2601-31-2009 04:34 PM

problem with adding potm to Asian account
I am trying to add a :goo: to my Asian account. It is 6 ish am there Feb 1st. The addoption agency keeps telling me to wait nilewxt month or I will not get POTM prize. Is there a time to do it or do you really have to be in Asi to register POTM early
Thanks for you help!

Rainribbon01-31-2009 04:36 PM

Re: problem with adding potm to Asian account
They actually suggest that you wait a few days into the month before adopting your POTM pets, because there has been a glitch where people haven't been getting their POTM loot bags. It's good that they put up a new warning though! I had gotten a POTM a while ago (whenever the monkey was POTM) and didn't realize you had to wait until the month began to adopt it, so I missed out.

By the way, welcome to WI!

Dixiecup01-31-2009 04:40 PM

Re: problem with adding potm to Asian account
I am SO glad they told you to do it that way! DON'T adopt your POTM until about three days for the Bulldog to clear the system or you will NOT get your lootbag. It has happened again, and again and people STILL try to adopt on the first day. It is not worth it, even if they have POTM activities...save it. The Loot bag is TOTALLY worth it ;) Wait until you don't see other people on here complaining that they didn't get their loot bag.
They have to get one out of the dtatabase and the other new one in. Considering that February starts on a Sunday, this year..it might even take a bit longer. There are no techs in house until Monday ::) I hope this helps you some :)

eroberts2601-31-2009 04:47 PM

Re: problem with adding potm to Asian account
Thanks for the wisdom, as you can see I was too excited even to spell correctly :D. I will wait and not look at POTM activities for a few days. My parrot was helping me spell.

GamerGirly02-02-2009 05:54 PM

Re: problem with adding potm to Asian account
My daughter adopted her Google last night about 8pm and she DID NOT get her POTM loot bag either. I sent the problem to Ganz, now we are just waiting to hear from them to see if they will give it her.
Wish we would of known there might be a problem, I would of told her to wait a few more days.

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