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COONYCOON01-13-2010 10:47 AM

POYM Lot bags NOT fixed!
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are still a few of us waiting for our POTM loot bags! I think it is because we didn't go on our pets in the right order (didn't know it was "fixed" or how) that the "fix" didn't work. eg. Our Schnauzer was out of bed when we visited his room that morning so we put him to bed. Then we saw Webkinz newz and tried doing what they said with no result! I have called three times and no one has got back to me either by e-mail or by phone but I am not going to give up!:rac:

I don't know how to change the title but it is POTM LOOT BAGS!

I just got off the phone and she said she would be putting the individual items in the dock!!! Yes the power of positive thinking (and persistence) works!!!!

PoliceProperty01-13-2010 10:55 AM

Re: POYM Lot bags NOT fixed!
Oh my Goodness! I hope you get Everything, the KC, coupon, & POTM Special item. I think, if I were you, I would check my KC balance to make sure. I will be thinking positive for you too! :)

COONYCOON01-13-2010 11:02 AM

Re: POYM Lot bags NOT fixed!
To be quite honest at this point I'll be glad to get anything at all! Thanks for the support! Just off to check!

PoliceProperty01-13-2010 01:18 PM

Re: POYM Lot bags NOT fixed!
Can we get an update? Has Ganz come through yet? Fingers are crossed!! :)

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