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gomommu4103-11-2010 02:03 PM

Picture trailing..Help stop!!

Originally Posted by gomommu41 (Post 18639194)
I checked with a forum and was told that this is probaBLY caused by a virus or Malware. So I ran hijackthis, ESET, MBAM and Secunia. I got all programs updated and removed a new Monitor Driver as a last resort thinking that was the problem. Ran optamizer program and all the maintenance. No virus or malware found but the problem still is there. When I drag a window across another window trails of the top window follow. Not just a few but many. I am not able to get at the problem here. Can any of you wonderful tecky gurus help me out. I thought for sure that the driver was the problem The tech on forum said that something was using up my machine power preventing the bottom window from prining.
I just reset the settings for Smart Ram to not run during high usage times. It still is making trails. I will reboot again to see if it will reset. This started a few days
Please Help. At least give me some ideas to check. I would go back to the forum but did not write down the name of it and cannot remember it. Hopefully my old brain cells will click and it will come to me. LOL
Thank you

gomommu4103-18-2010 08:22 AM

Re: Picture trailing..Help stop!!
No answer..Please close

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