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nyisutter05-30-2008 11:30 PM

pet room stuck?
I just adopted a new pet tonight. I think it is my 13th pet. So, it is going in some other pet room. I can't get him to load! I was able to switch to another pet and go that another room and open the adoption gift ok. Whew! Even got the new tractor (yea! Just what I wanted!) But, when ever I try to find the new pet, the room gets stuck on "loading furniture". I have logged out and in like 4 times. None of my rooms are packed. Several of the have a lot of stuff, but none of them are where a pet wouldn't have anywhere to go, and some rooms are completely empty.

Any idea what is going on? Any tips?

Off now to just go click on each room to see what happens and see if I can find my new pet!

Thanks for any ideas!

Ein05-30-2008 11:46 PM

Re: pet room stuck?
If it was the new pink googles you just adopted, that could be why your having problems. It said on the front page of WI that it was not showing up in WW, so maybe that could be causing your problems? Just a thought, but really that is odd, I hope it clears up soon, its so frustrating not to be able to play with a new pet!

mathmom205-31-2008 01:31 AM

Re: pet room stuck?
This happened to me last week. My new pet loaded into an almost full room and go stuck. I was unable to load the room to get to the pet no matter what I tried. I had to call Ganz and they used their tools to move items/pets around to unstick them. THAT is the reason they recommend not filling the rooms. So now I have my pets divided up among the 10 rooms.

Ganz's hours are only M-F normal business hours ... when you call, when they ask for an extension use 0000 it should take you to the operator. That way you'll get transferred to a CSR directly. Good luck. I wouldn't worry, Ganz can unstick the pet. I wouldn't load any new pets until they unstick it though.

nyisutter05-31-2008 03:50 AM

Re: pet room stuck?
Well, doing my systematic check of the house, I learned that at least two rooms wouldn't load. I decided then that it was time to sleep on it. I think it is part of the "new stuff glitchiness" that always happens when Ganz updates the site. This morning, I was able to get to my new cat. But, now the screen is freezing on other operations. So this is a site thing.

As I said before, my rooms are not overloaded. It's just site glitchiness. At least I got all my gifts! Although it was kind of funny that when I finally did get to my cat, I also got the welcome banner that told me I had a gift in my dock, which I didn't because I had already opened it. :-)

echaos05-31-2008 07:56 AM

Re: pet room stuck?
I just tried to adopt a little grey and white cat and got stuck. The adoption went through but I couldn't see the cat in the dock area. I couldn't go to my rooms to open his present. I logged out and in again and same problem. I then adopted a unicorn and everything was fine......except there are no pictures of any of my other pets (40+) just the unicorn. There is a room that I can't jump to or walk into (probably where the grey cat is) The Cat' present is in the dock but I'm scared to open it. I've logged out again and am waiting but.... I have 3 more to adopt today and I want to adopt the elephant tomorrow for POTM.

Any suggestions?

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