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Nightshadow12-28-2007 07:24 PM

Pet of the Month no room, bag or cash
After finding out that the people in the mall had lied to me about the lil kinz chihuahua being the pet of the month I decided to go back on the 26th and get the adult chihuahua.
The Webkinz website was having trouble and crashed half way through registration but my pet showed under my pets with the name I had given it. When I tried to go to my room it would keep logging me out. I finally got in and managed to log on the baby chihuahua and went to her room then clicked map but found no new rooms for the new adult pet so it makes sense for the game to not be able to find her room when I click to go there since there is no room!.
I could not access the adult at all and there was no extra W-cash or loot bag. I contacted support several times due to this issue and also losing money in the W-shop when I tried to purchase bathroom items for the baby chihuahua (it took my cash and I got no items). Then they were down most of yesterday I have yet to get a response via e-mail or phone from Ganz.
Today I logged in and my big chihuahua showed up in my other pet's room - so at least she is un-stuck now but still no extra room, loot bag, special items or cash. Infact I am 4500 less than two days ago with no items to show for it.
My boyfriend had the same problem with a new pug that he registered and got no bag or room for - he can not even get into the room because the game glitched and did not make a room for his *only* pet on the account. I only have 2 pets myself so I don't understand how there was not a new room for my 2nd pet and I am pretty new to the whole Webkinz thing.
Right now it feels like a waste of money and time :( but hopefully they will fix things soon.
Has anyone else ever gotten things re-imbursed from Ganz?
Does anyone else have this problem too?

dogsdigholes12-28-2007 08:18 PM

Re: Pet of the Month no room, bag or cash
I am so sorry this happened to you. There have been people on this forum who have gotten Ganz to fix their account issues and even return items. The best thing for you to do is call Ganz customer service and explain what has happened to your account. Emails will get a response,but often it's not an answer to your question it's more of a form letter response.

1-866-WEBKINZ (932-5469)

LittleMIssFilipina12-29-2007 12:31 AM

Re: Pet of the Month no room, bag or cash
Because of the holiday times their having problems and it probably didnt finesh completely registering your chiwawa to the point of potm prizes.I suggest you call on their number which is the more direct way you must be 18 or older and if your not then get a parent to call.Herse the number 1-866-WEBKINZ (932-5469)

Nightshadow12-29-2007 12:54 AM

Re: Pet of the Month no room, bag or cash
Thanks I have left them a message - something is sure wrong with it even now that the pet shows up - I could not click the daily activities bonus for Chihuahua owners so I guess it is not even registering the pet as existing :(

12-29-2007 03:11 AM

Re: Pet of the Month no room, bag or cash
Ever since the servers crashed on Christmas there have been tons of glitches spreading around WW and one of them is not getting what you are supposed to get with the POTM.
You could wait and hope it shows up soon, or fight the mad rush to contact Ganz.
1-866-932-5469 or support@webkinz.com

Nightshadow12-30-2007 09:28 AM

Re: Pet of the Month no room, bag or cash
I have e-mailed and called them (well e-mailed on the 26th) How long is the turn-around usually? The month is almost over :( and I am starting to think I will not be getting my pet of the month items.

---------- Nightshadow added 39 Minutes and 47 Seconds later ----------

Oh great - I just got an e-mail from Webkinz support and got all excited because I thought they were actually responding and the e-mail is blank!
It only shows the header where they wrote from. So I want to return this broken pet to the store and now I can't even find the receipt *sigh*

kayembee12-30-2007 09:37 AM

Re: Pet of the Month no room, bag or cash
With previous POTM 'glitches' Ganz has been very supportive of granting the special adoption prizes. I remember reading posts of some that were even able to choose their own POTM item.

I think the biggest delay at the moment is going to be caused by the holiday. You may not hear anything between now and the day after New Year's. I did receive an email response 3 days after I sent one regarding a lost item during an auto log out, and they did phone me back 2 days later. Unfortunately with all of the Christmas glitches I haven't been able to call back again. I am patiently waiting until Thursday when I hope that they are back to business as usual.

Just make sure to have your pet codes, and account information handy so that you are ready for their call. Good Luck, and please update when you hear anything :)

pkittycat12-30-2007 09:59 AM

Re: Pet of the Month no room, bag or cash
Sorry to hear about that. But now I never get a room any more!>:D

2dream4l12-30-2007 10:08 AM

Re: Pet of the Month no room, bag or cash
oh im so sorry to hear about this ..
maybe it wasn't a good idea to try adopting it when webkinz world was having problems .. that happened to my Good Friend ..
she adopted a huskey . and she didn't get her adoption gift , :(
i hope Ganz will fix your problem ..
Good Luck !

Nightshadow12-30-2007 11:07 AM

Re: Pet of the Month no room, bag or cash
Is it safe to try adopting pets now - has anyone been adopting since the problems?

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