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veronika8709-12-2010 05:28 PM

Not able to load Kinzchat!
Sorry I couldn't get a picture, but every time i try to get on my kinzchat, it shows a black and green screen that says "Adobe Flash Plugin has crashed. send crash report" And i keep on sending crash reports every time and nobody does anything about it. This has been happening for months and only sometimes I'm able to get on. I spent 750 kinzcash on an in home party and I'm missing it right now because of this! :'( please fix this!

Ranger198509-13-2010 01:26 AM

Re: Not able to load Kinzchat!
I'm sorry this is happening to you, especially since it's been happening for such a long time.
You could try updating your flash player, or even uninstalling Adobe, then re-installing it. Sometimes, switching to another browser can also help. If neither of those works, you should try calling [notranslate]Ganz[/notranslate] to see if it is an issue they're aware of and if they have any suggestions.
Good luck - I hope you can get this resolved soon.

phoenixsprite09-13-2010 02:18 AM

Re: Not able to load Kinzchat!
Hi Veronika87 ^.^ Sorry to hear you are having problems. I have noticed that the

"Adobe Flash Plugin has crashed. send crash report" And i keep on sending crash reports every time and nobody does anything about it.
situation in Mozilla Firefox browsers is still going on myself.

I have called Ganz about this problem, and they are aware of it. It has to do with the update to Flash 10 a while back. Since this update, Adobe and Mozilla have had updates to their software, but it hasn't cleared up the problem completely. And it was noted that this update was made to improve security.

Supposedly if certain information isn't received from one website (example, WW) within a certain amount of time, the plug-in for flash player in the Mozilla/firefox browser will crash, stopping the loading graphic.

The Mozilla/Firefox browser used to completely crash. Now they've narrowed part of the problem down to the way Flash player's plugins receive information. I think it has to do with both the Flash update and Mozilla update happening at the same time. Something Mozilla tried to fix doesn't work with the newest flash player. It happens now on Mozilla with any website that uses graphics (ie adobe flash/shockwave, etc.) Perhaps Mozilla runs faster (or is able to) than flash responds?

I have noticed that, when playing games and doing jobs, that there is a time lag in the screen response to when I type or click something, so I have to either click again, or wait for the screen response to catch up. It used to work that the response was immediate, before this latest flash update.

Ganz told me to update my programs, clear the cache, keep no more than 100 items in the dock, etc. But, they also told me that if another browser was working, to try that, for example, Internet Explorer, which runs slower than it used to with WW, but doesn't continually crash.

I don't know if an earlier version of either the browser or earlier version of Flash player will help. I haven't tried either myself. And I would call Ganz and tell them you are continually having these Flash player plugin crash messages, especially since you are missing your party. Also, sometimes after it crashes, you can go back in after sending the report -- reload, or close and reload and see if that works.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!:)

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